When will 'NCIS' Season 18 Episode 9 air? 'Winter Chill' to follow right after star Maria Bello makes her exit

With heavy hearts and amped anticipation, it's time to bid Maria Bello's Jack Sloane adieu; but what lies next and when do we get to see it?

                            When will 'NCIS' Season 18 Episode 9 air? 'Winter Chill' to follow right after star Maria Bello makes her exit
The series sets viewers up for the exit of Maria Bello's Jack Sloane and where that leaves Jethro Gibbs on 'NCIS' (IMDb)

After returning from a month-long hiatus, 'NCIS' is finally back with the episode that's supposed to be actor Maria Bello's feature as Jack Sloane. Ahead of the season, Bello's exit had been revealed and ever since speculation has been rife about how it's all going to pan out, but now that we're actually here, anticipation builds up for what's next on the budding relationship between Sloane and team leader Jethro Gibbs.

With an emotionally charged episode on the horizon, however, viewers must also be wondering whether another hiatus lies ahead because of how heavy on the sentiment tonight's (March 2) episode is going to get. So read on to find out when NCIS airs next.


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According to TV schedules and listings, 'NCIS' Season 18 will be airing Episode 9 'Winter Chill' in just another short week on Sunday, March 9, at its usual 8 pm time slot on CBS. The franchise's sister shows, 'NCIS: Los Angeles' and 'NCIS: New Orleans' are suffering postponed time slots as the Sunday football games are airing on the network.

This has led to dropped viewership with NCIS: NOLA even getting canceled following the ongoing season. Fortunately, that's not the case with the original 'NCIS' as they continue in their designated time, with no harm to viewership. 

As for what to expect next week, the synopsis for the episode reveals "NCIS dives into the competitive world of food trucks after finding a man frozen to death in the back of one." This comes after tonight's extremely painful exit of series star Bello, who joined the NCIS voyage back in 2015 and has since grown to become an indispensable and beloved part of the show.

Titled 'True Believer', 'NCIS' Season 18 Episode 8 will see "When Sloane's name is discovered in Afghanistan at the site of an abandoned bus with a dead driver, Gibbs accompanies her on a trip to find a group of girls who were kidnapped from the bus; a hacker emails compromising information to the Taliban."

Maria Bello as Jack Sloane in NCIS (CBS)

Whether Sloane is going to leave us dead or alive is still a mystery, but for Gibbs' sake we would like to think that she just gets stationed somewhere else and it becomes an opened ended romance like that of Ziva and Tony, with prospects of closure in future. 

'NCIS' Season 18 airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm on CBS.

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