'NCIS' season 17: Ziva might be gone for a while, but fans desperately crave a reunion with Tony and Tali

'NCIS' season 17: Ziva might be gone for a while, but fans desperately crave  a reunion with Tony and Tali

This article contains spoilers for season 17, episode 2.

This week on 'NCIS' season 17, aka episode 2, we saw tensions arise right at the end of the episode, between Ziva and Gibbs. The spat was long overdue, and while this might be the last time we see Ziva for a while (sadly, we know) there were also hints dropped that gave way to speculation about Tony being aware of Ziva's whereabouts. 

After the terror unleashed by Sahar on the city was tactfully combated by the unit, Gibba caught Ziva at her office shed later that night, prepping to leave quietly without saying goodbye. Earlier in the episode we saw the two of them get into a heated argument with Ziva complaining how Gibbs never came looking for her when the news of her death reached them. Despite the striking contrast in Ziva's course of action when the roles were reversed in the past, Gibbs explained that he didn't look for her because he had lost her once before and wasn't ready to get his hopes up only to find out the worst. 


Ziva understood that and it was all water was under the bridge, but then the inevitable came up. She said there was one more thing she needed to do, and that's something she needs to do alone. Right at that moment, Gibbs' clamshell rings and surprisingly, for Ziva, it's Tony. Gibbs had left a message with Tony when Ziva went missing earlier but didn't spill any further details. And this is when Gibbs asked Ziva if Tony knows she was alive, and she straight up dodges the question saying "Its complicated." She further makes it clear that the less he knows, the safer he and Tali are. 



But when Gibbs's phone rings, he tells Ziva “He [Tony] should hear [the truth] from you," to which Ziva responds, “And he will." Just like that, she is gone for an uncertain period of time right now -- something that has fans very, very confused about where she stands, and more importantly, where her relationship with Tony stands. 


Taking to Twitter, fans speculated on the same, with one user @NCIS__Cravings tweeting: "What does Ziva POSSIBLY have to do alone now???? Her biggest threat holding her back from her family is done! Tony and Tali are waiting! There are no more excuses!! I need that reunion!!" USer @carlialexandria had other concerns regarding the same. "so Tony lives happy with his daughter and now Ziva is joining them? so she’s not going to be in any more episodes?" they asked. 

User @Ms_Marvel_Girl also chimed in, asking the burning question: "So does this mean no more Ziva? What I have so many questions. I can't believe we didn't get a Tony/Ziva reunion or even her getting to see her daughter. There better be more!!!!"

Guess only time will tell when we get to see the happy reunion! 

'NCIS' season 17 airs on Tuesdays at 8pm/9c only on CBS.


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