'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 7 Episode 5: Why did Allie quit? Here's why fans believe 'somebody threatened' her

Despite Pride's committee taking up a cause that she's so passionate about fighting, Allie Briggs quits the team on the second day. Here's what goes wrong

                            'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 7 Episode 5: Why did Allie quit? Here's why fans believe 'somebody threatened' her

Spoilers for Season 7 Episode 5 'Operation Drano Part I'

'NCIS: New Orleans' is back from its winter break with a brand new episode of Season 7. Titled 'Operation Drano Part I', the episode sees Rita passionately fighting for justice for the African American community while protesting the system of cash bail. Rita isn't the only one who feels passionately about the cause; Pride's titular operation sees new member Allie Briggs just as passionate about fighting against social injustice. Yet in the middle of a routine session, Allie walks out of the meeting. What happened? Why does the most involved person quit the operation despite things being on her side?

According to the official synopsis given by CBS, Season 7 Episode 5 follows the team as they investigate a suspicious death and the missing key piece of evidence is a top-secret, high-tech battery, while Pride and the team realize there could be deadly consequences if it falls into the wrong hands." 

In the middle of all this, Pride is also in charge of the mayor-appointed committee of officials and designators that is supposed to curtail white supremacy amongst cops and fight the system of racial and other social injustice in the city. The first meeting of the committee gets off to a heated start with a White official having an issue with what he calls his fellow elected, albeit much younger, "radical" and her suggestions about "burning down the establishment" as a start to a right path. The older man walks out of the meeting and is pacified by Pride into being convinced of Allie's passion - something they both agreed to have felt in their youth. The man comes around and in the next meeting they agree to discuss cash bail, but the moment the topic is approached, Allie gets up and quits immediately.

This has seemed odd to not just Pride's team members but to fans too as she was the one most passionate about uprooting the system of cash bail. Viewers however on Twitter believe Allie's decision to quit wasn't her own. As soon as Allie walked out, fans on Twitter erupted with the question "Okay, what made Allie snap there?" 



"Somebody threatened that woman! That is the only reason she quit. She looked terrified" shared a viewer on Twitter. Could it be why Allie looed so shaken up? Makes sense because she has 40 percent of the city's votes and people will listen to what she has to say. She has both votes and age on her side, could it be that somebody else got hr where she can not afford to risk it all? The men she was working with, including another Black official, all seemed staunch conservatives strictly against whatever protests and riots the last year has been engulfed in, no matter the cause. And by the looks of it, they really got Allie in places she cannot jeopardize. 

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