'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 fall finale: Justice for LaSalle has fans thrilled but worry for Pride soars

'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 fall finale: Justice for LaSalle has fans thrilled but worry for Pride soars
Scott Bakula as Dwayne Pride on NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)

This article contains spoilers for season 6, episode 7: 'Requital'

Right from the beginning of tonight's epic NCIS: New Orleans fall finale, fans were rooting for the deplorable Eddie Barrett to die. And while their dreams have finally come true, the show did not leave us for the winter break without a teasing reminder that agent Dwayne Pride's turmoil is far from being over.

The man who shot our favourite agent Christopher LaSalle and conveniently managed to find himself an alibi for his hearing is therefore running wild and free despite hitting the fan-favorite character with a fatal shot. On the fall finale however, aka episode 10 titled 'Requital' we see Eddie having turned into a full blown cult leader holding parents and their kids hostage at a plantation, under the pretext of providing them with a better life. When Pride was finally able to hunt Eddie down, he was taken a hostage too, therefore calling the entire NCIS: New Orleans and the FBI's attention to rescuing him alive.




Eddie's sinister masterplan involved using the hostage kids as a ruse to open fire on the FBI and if things got out of hand, then make the  entire plantation explode with an underground time bomb. Understandably, fans poured in with tweets, calling for a cruel and harsh death to Eddie for the obvious crimes he has committed and is continuing to. One of them tweeted: "Please let everyone come out of this alive except for Eddie!" Another simply put it out there that "I hope Eddie dies by the end of this or I'm going to be so disappointed."

So when Pride was able to chase Eddie down at the end of the episode and finally shoot him at point blank range for the spiteful things he kept spewing about staining LaSalle's memory and ruining the lives of the remaining NCIS agents, fans were thrilled. Justice has finally been served to LaSalle and there couldn't be anything more joyous than that. However, it was the slight twist at the end of the story when all is over and Pride is back to hallucinating once again that has fans extremely concerned for what's about to unfold on his journey next year.


At the end of the episode, Pride can be seen waking up from an uncomfortable sleep to sense somebody else in house. When he walks out of the bedroom with his gun pointed to attack and enters the living room, he undergoes what has been labeled as deja vu, as he hallucinates an oddly dressed man from his past, staring at him intently as the two have an exchange without uttering a single word. 


Taking notice of the very absurd ending out of nowhere, fans took to Twitter to express their concerns. While a fan quipped: "Pride whatever it is you drink or eat before bed that causes these weird dreams you have i wish you would stop," another noted: "He is not okay. He needs to get some help and now that this chaos is over, he needs to get some rest!" A third worried fan sympathized with Pride, sharing: "It seems like no matter what happens Pride still ends up going face to face with some weirdo... maybe things can FINALLY get back to normal when NCIS New Orleans returns?"


Interestingy enough, a fan pointed out: "Pride was visited by an angel of death previously... Perhaps this is a manifestation of Pride's personal demon of revenge?" and another noted the extreme possibility of this not being the end of the whole justice for LaSalle plot... so now there are two months full of speculations to lookforward to!

'NCIS: Nw Orleans' season 6 returns from its winter hiatus on Sunday, February 16, at 10 pm only on CBS.

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