'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 Episode 20: Fans praise Hannah's stand against Cleef but 'she must watch her back'

An unofficial investigation by Hannah and the eventual outcome has fans both thrilled and a little worried

                            'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 Episode 20: Fans praise Hannah's stand against Cleef but 'she must watch her back'
Necar Zadegan as Hannah Khoury (CBS)

Spoilers for Season 6 Episode 20 'Predators'

The most recent Episode 20 of 'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 sees a slew of urban legends and myths being busted, much to Sebastian's disappointment.

However, amid all that commotion over mauled bodies by mythical creatures, what truly comes out is a brilliant essay on how Hannah Khoury (Necar Zadegan) will do anything to be the torch-bearing soldier for women in the service, standing up against more than one kind of 'Predators'.

Standing up against their Deputy Direction Van Cleef (Richard Thomas), Hannah — joined by none other than Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) — tells him off for the sheer bias he runs against women, something that has been corroborated by not just Hannah's unfair demotion at the beginning of this season, but also by several women who have served under Van "Creep" — as fans have now labeled him.

It starts with new recruit Agent Quentin Carter (Charles Michael Davis) telling Hannah that he had a friend similarly treated by Van Cleef, and thus began Hannah's investigation into other possible cases of biased jurisdiction on his behalf.

As he was climbing up the ladder with a new promotion, Hannah's righteousness was triggered and she didn't mind diving in headfirst for all the women whose jobs have been on the line, even if that meant losing her own. 

From video interviews to reaching out to them in their home, Hannah leaves no stone unturned to gather her army of allies against Van Cleef, and in the end — even with him threatening Pride, the team lead just lets Hannah have a go at him, and it's all kinds of spectacular.

Hannah reminds Van Cleef that no matter how powerful he is, she isn't the only one with grievances and valid testimonies against him and that makes her feel pretty good about taking those chances of risking her job.


The episode ends with Van Cleef showing up on Hannah's property, waiting for her at her house's front porch late at night after she returns home from some celebratory drinks with Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) and Carter.

Trust Hannah to maintain her stand even in such moments, as she faces the director once again, and tells him something akin to despite knowing how important in the job he is, at the moment he is trespassing her property so he has two choices: either leave, or she would call the cops.

With a sneer Hannah asserts "I hope it's the latter," and enters her house, locking the door inside, breathing a sigh of relief as an unraveled Van Cleef waits outside thinking what the hell just happened.

This unofficial investigation by Hannah and the eventual outcome has fans both thrilled and a little worried, because well - she might have stood up for women against the biggest force in the service, but the biggest force is the keyword here.

Van Cleef has already demoted her once on the grounds of wrong judgment, and heaven knows what he could do next. Hannah even has a little girl to think of and there's no dearth to Van Cleef's malicious intent, as was made clear by another woman who had to suffer under his judgment.

This has fans tweeting: "I'm proud of Hannah but I know this isn't over. She must watch her back," and another fan noted: "Hannah has won the battle, but there will likely be more to come."

A third fan also alarmed: "Stay woke Hannah. Van Cleef isn't going down without a fight," and another claimed: "I'm proud of Hannah but I know this isn't over."


However, while the entire fandom is sure "We haven't heard the last of Van Cleaf and Hannah", they are also coming out in full support saying "Khoury is a BEAST!" for standing up to him, and how "Van Cleaf better not try to take down Hannah, or mess with her family" for the payback is going to be bitter.

Coming out in full support and solidarity, Hannah's fans also tweeted: "Don't let him intimidate you, Hannah! That's what his sorry a** wants."

From "Way to go Hannah!! What a way to stand up to a guy like Van Cleef and take him down!!  to "I love Hannah and was so proud of her at this moment. Also how Pride stood there and let her go in on him!!" — the fandom is buzzing with love and adoration.

At the end of the day, the worry however still lingers over their favorite special agent. "Hannah's in even more danger now and I’m scared. Don't relax. Van Cleef is a sneaky bastard. He won't forget that you brought him down," reflected a fan, summing it all up. 

'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 airs on Sundays at 10 pm on CBS.

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