'NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 Episode 16: Carter slowly 'grows' on fans but 'he's no Christopher LaSalle'

Carter arrived on the show as a replacement for fan-favorite character LaSalle and fans immediately took a disliking to his cocky demeanor. But things are changing finally

                            'NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 Episode 16: Carter slowly 'grows' on fans but 'he's no Christopher LaSalle'
Charles Michael Davis as Agent Carter (CBS)

It is week two and three episodes in that 'NCIS: New Orleans' has tried to replace fan-favorite agent Christopher LaSalle with a new agent, Quentin Carter, and after an entire week's worth of complaints from fans that went along the lines of "Agent Carter is enough to for me to stop watching," and "agent Carter is a prick! Big fail on recasting," looks like fans, along with Agent Tammy Gregorio and Loretta Wade are finally warming up to Carter.

This week in the two back-to-back episodes of NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6, we see some major Gregorio action in Episode 15 'Relentless'. The synopsis reads, “Tammy must protect Rachel, a research-obsessed teenage girl after her father is shot in their home, while the rest of the team searches for a motive.”

The next one, Episode 16, titled 'Pride and Prejudice', sees "A man impersonating Lasalle attempt to free a young woman from jail. The team investigates both the impostor and the prisoner; Pride's daughter pays him a surprise visit."

And speaking of impersonating LaSalle, we all saw how that ends up with Carter arriving at the New Orleans headquarters and going straight for the deceased agent's desk much to everyone's displeasure. Last week's Episode 14 'The Man in the Red Suit' saw pretty much everybody in their team take a disliking towards the new addition, and the feeling resonated within the fandom as well, with most of them comparing Carter to LaSalle and opining on the 'poor replacement' the CBS procedural made. 

This week, however, looks like fans are starting to finally accept the addition and welcome the newest member of the team as they claim he is slowly 'growing on' them. "I don't like Carter yet, but he's starting to grow on me. He's not Christopher Lasalle, that's for sure," a fan tweeted, while another one calmly remarked how they are "going to enjoy the character development on this guy."


The only person who seems to like Carter is Loretta. Carter somehow can't stop referring to Sebastian with the nickname, 'Slim'. Noting all of this, a patient fan remarked: "Carter’s calling Sébastien Slime (sic) & he just called him Flash! Patton just checked Carter! These nicknames aren’t working for the team! But, Loretta seems to like him! Yes, he’s ruffling the team's feathers!"

Thee's also the signature banter between Carter and Gregoria as we saw in this episode, which gives a whiff of a sibling-rivalry on screen that's quite a popular trope on TV. But fans aren't complaining, as one wrote: "Tammy and Carter are going to have that brother and sister love-hate relationship."

But that said, it all boils down to how easily Carter will fit into LaSalle's shoes, as most fans still claim there is no replacing the deceased agent. "He can't replace Lasalle but he will make a good addition to the team," shared a fan, while another remarked, "How long before he succumbs to the “family” that is #NCISNOLA ??? I’ll bet not long! I mean, how could anyone resist? But I sure do miss having Christopher’s good ol’ southern drawl... ya think Carter can do #RollTide?"

Yet, there are fans completely unconvinced that Carter is the way to go after Lucas Black quit the show. Voicing out their frustration, a fan tweeted: "Every time I start to like Carter just a little bit, he does something arrogant and squashes my giving him a chance."

'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 airs on Sundays at 9 pm on CBS.

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