'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 Episode 12: Tammy Gregorio's struggle with coming out is breaking fans' hearts

Agent Gregorio's hesitation with embracing new relationships is a lot more touching now that we know the whole truth about her

                            'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 Episode 12: Tammy Gregorio's struggle with coming out is breaking fans' hearts
Tammy Gregorio (CBS)

Spoiler alert for Season 6, Episode 12: 'Waiting For Monroe'

On February 23 episode of 'NCIS: New Orleans', we get to see the team track down a mysterious female assassin responsible for murders in Athens, Rome, and London. Also, Wade’s son begs her to allow him to go on a police ride-along for an article he is writing on a youth outreach program at the NOPD.

But despite all the high octane action-packed sequence that every episode of the CBS procedural showcases, it is the conflicted struggle of Agent Tammy Gregorio surrounding her hesitation with embracing a romantic relationship that has fans' hearts breaking for the character.

The episode sees a lot of positive developments on the Gregorio front, as even though Agent Hannah Khoury solved the case of the said female assassin, it is Gregoria who eventually ends up saving Khoury from possible death.

Professional accomplishments aside, the other development we saw in Gregorio's arc is in her personal life as she opens up to her coworker Sebastian, and also Khoury, about why she is hesitant when it comes to pursuing new relationships.

Through the course of their heart-to-heart chat, we learn that Gregorio is into women — a truth that she is yet to voice out to her mother. In short, Gregorio is yet to come out to her mother and all this hiding when it comes to her sexual identity is what restrains her from openly embracing new relationships.


Of course, the loyal fandom's heart broke at the badass NCIS agent opening up about her vulnerabilities. Fans took to Twitter to voice their support for the character.

"Tammy's story about why she doesn't want a serious relationship was so heartbreaking and loved how she opened to Sebastian and Hannah," shared a fan, while another expressed their sheer shock, "*GAY GASP* TAMMY ISNT OUT TO HER MOM! I’m f*cking SOBBING! smol-papi is really just lil baby."

The other half of Gregoria's fan base also lamented the possibilities of envisioning a Sebastian-Gregoria domestic arrangement looking bleak now, as one fan tweeted: "Come on, I need to see Sebastian washing Tammy’s dishes and telling her they’re about to watch Terms of Endearment or whatever soft shit people do after a breakup."

At the same time, another section of fans is displeased with the fact that nothing about Gregorio's sexuality had been explored on the show so far before they decided to pretty much 'dump' the aspect in this episode.

One fan tweeted: "They're making a big deal out of Alyson after having not shown Gregorio's personal life for a long time. A lot of fans are just as invested in the characters' personal lives as we are the plot episode to episode so I just can't for the life of me understand why Gregorio having a girlfriend would have stayed under the radar. That's just aggravating to me."

'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 airs on Sundays at 9pm only on CBS.

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