'NCIS: Los Angeles' Season 11 Episode 8 has fans debating how long Deeks will last on his 'no complaining for 20 days' challenge

'NCIS: Los Angeles' Season 11 Episode 8 has fans debating how long Deeks will last on his 'no complaining for 20 days' challenge

This article contains spoilers for season 11, episode 8.

Amidst solving crimes and grabbing crooks by the collar even in the murkiest of cases, Agent Deeks from 'NCIS: Los Angeles' has a new task at hand. As of now, because of the extremely difficult challenge posed by his wife and colleague Agent Kensi, Deeks can't complain - or just be annoying in general, for at least 20 days at a stretch. Talk about a mission impossible!

As is common with every mission the Los Angeles NCIS team embarks upon, episode 8 of the ongoing season 11 starts with the disappearance of a man in service. Titled 'Human Resources', the story kicks off "After a Navy lieutenant disappears from the scene of a car accident. The NCIS team processes the crime scene and discovers his laptop is missing along with recently accessed confidential information for retired Navy SEAL," according to the official synopsis. 


But before Deeks and Kensi, and Sam and Callen can split and embark on their own leads for the investigation, Deeks displays his signature annoying trait where he asks more questions than necessary, and in the process, ends up whining and complaining about almost the entirety of the information he receives. This prompts Kensi to challenge him with the impossible feat of shutting up for 20 days at a stretch. 

Granted Deeks points out right away that he can't even last 20 minutes, this proclamation managed to spark off the conversation amongst the fandom about how long Deeks could possibly go without being annoying.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their remarks, with one of them citing: "Kensi: Why don’t you try the 20 day not annoying challenge? Deeks: 20 days? Babe I don’t think I can make it in 20 minutes.' See Deeks, that’s already numerous times you’re complaining!"

But this ever so adorable confession of guilt had other fans gushing about how torn they are about Deeks' quirky behaviour. "Deeks makes me wanna punch myself but at the same time just protect him from everything," shared a fan on Twitter. Other fans are just amused by the idea of how Deeks will cope with the impossible requirements of the challenge. One of them shared: "The 20 day complaining challenge? Deeks is gonna lose this easily."


'NCIS: Los Angeles' season 11 airs on Sundays at 9pm only on HBO.

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