'NCIS: Los Angeles' Season 12 Episode 9: Who plays Pietra Rey and Vostanik Sabatino? Fans 'glad somebody hit him'

Sabatino returns to the episode titled 'Love Kills' but he's not the only one. Another blast from the past comes in the form of Pietra Rey

                            'NCIS: Los Angeles' Season 12 Episode 9: Who plays Pietra Rey and Vostanik Sabatino? Fans 'glad somebody hit him'
Pietra and Sabatino (CBS)

Spoilers for Season 12 Episode 9

The latest episode of 'NCIS: Los Angeles' is a treat for fans of cameos and blasts from the past. After the likes of the good old Arkady, yet another favorite returns with all his sass and snark, leaving viewers a little bit disgruntled with just how cocky this man can be. You guessed it, Vostanik Sabatino, the CIA officer is back on 'NCIS: LA'. But he's not the only person returning as Callen is forced to face an old enemy in the form of one Pietra Rey. Wondering who plays them? Read on to find out why fans are so thrilled to watch Sabatino getting his 'butt kicked'.

Sabatino returns to the episode, titled 'Love Kills', where "NCIS investigates the murder of a man about to reveal the source of a massive counterfeiting operation when an old acquaintance becomes their prime suspect and reveals the true reason for her return. Also, Deeks struggles during training to become an official NCIS agent."

The old acquaintance is of course the woman called Pietra, who made a solo appearance all the way back in 2009, in the episode titled 'Forasteira'. As a mercenary, her extensive list of combat skills helped her track down a Brazilian diplomat whom she thought was responsible for her father’s death.

And now she's back in the counterfeiting massacre and the episode sees her losing another man close to her this time. But before all of that can happen and we can see where Petra's journey goes, She meets a force of nature called Sabatino - the guy nobody can stand. Be it his mocking of agent Rountree's name, or just being discouraging of Deeks' FLETC training -  Sabatino is always in the hotbed of earning people's displeasure. He even had his burrito stolen by Pietra, who then ricked him with a seafood allergy was about to lave him with a few bruises, had Callen not intervened right in time. 

The scene managed to get to fans in all the right kind of ways because they were near about just fed up with Sabatino's attitude. Sure he almost got taken under by the bad guys, but hey, at least Pietra gave him a nice dosage from probably everyone. "Freaking Salbetino," shared a fan, adding "i’m glad somebody hit him though." Others celebrated "Sabatino about got his butt kicked too! He’s lucky Callen was there!" Another came through with "Sometimes you just wanna slap Sabatino."




Pietra is played by Mariela Garriga, who resumed laying the role from three years ago. Garriga is a Cuban actress and model best known in Italy, for her role Remedios in the TV series 'Inspector Coliandro' and for playing Sally in the film 'Chi m'ha visto' (2017). Garriga has also starred in 'Nightmare Cinema', and 'Bloodline', and TV series like 'Law & Order - Special Victims Unit' as Elana Marks.

Sabatino, who's worked with the NCIS: Office of Special Projects Team on 'The Isaak Sidorov Case' as well as on 'The White Ghost Case', is played by Erik Palladino. The actor is best known for playing Dr. Dave Malucci in NBC's 'ER', as Lt. Michael Daghlian in 'Joan of Arcadia', and as Kevin Miller on 'Suits'.

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