'NCIS: LA' Season 12 Episode 5: Who is David Kessler? Here's what the Kensi obsessed sociopath threatens her

Kensi has to confront a sociopath from her past and Deeks has solid reasons to believe the creepy guy wants to kill her. Here's why

                            'NCIS: LA' Season 12 Episode 5: Who is David Kessler? Here's what the Kensi obsessed sociopath threatens her

It's a bittersweet day for fans of 'NCIS: LA'; the CBS procedural is finally back after a two week long hiatus, but before we can celebrate Daniela Ruah directing one of the double episodes airing tonight there's a painful reminder of what's going to go down on her character, Special Agent Kensi Blye's arc. Titled 'Raising the Dead', Episode 5 of Season 12 forces Kensi to confront a sociopath from her past who is creepily obsessed with her; but that's not all. Here's all you need to know about the dangers Kensi is fronting in this episode.

In a promo released by CBS, Kensi can be seen briefed on this particular inmate called David Kessler who refuses to speak to anybody but her. Deeks mentions this is the same guy who used to send her creepy Valentine's day gifts at the DC office and Sam and Callen immediately busy themselves in convincing the very worried husband that they have this situation under control. Kensi assures too that Kesler had stopped forwarding them to her years ago, but is that so?

Kensi intimates the team on how she had helped arrest Kessler and prosecute him right before he joined the office of social projects. Apart from a very heavy case file, Kessler, whom Kensi put in prison for 30 years, was also involved in the human trafficking of minors. The reason he comes up is that NCIS believes Kessler might know something about Sinclair's whereabouts and they need that information for any progress in that case. But Kessler refuses to speak to anybody else other than Kensi - which Deeks believes is an attempt to kill her.

Sure enough, as another promo reveals, Kessler is messing around and neither is Deeks' intuitions. The other clip shows Kensi walking down to Kessler's cell as he's waiting there sweaty and shirtless; the man claims he was doing push-ups for Kensi, to impress her, and that you can "hate someone and still have sex with them". Further along in the conversation, he tells Kensi that the push-ups were just so he's ready for whenever he gets out of prison, to hunt Kensi down, have ex with her, and kill her - "not necessarily in that order". Everything about this guy is creepy and for Kensi to just stand there and take it - hat's off. But Deeks has good reason to worry for her right? He's not wrong!

'NCIS: LA' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm only on CBS.

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