'NCIS' Season 17 Episode 3 teased Sloane and Gibbs 'totally hooked up at Christmas' and fans are torn

While viewers are trying to adapt to a Ziva-less void, newer details about a possible Sloane-Gibbs romance have piqued our interests.

                            'NCIS' Season 17 Episode 3 teased Sloane and Gibbs 'totally hooked up at Christmas' and fans are torn

This article contains spoilers for Season 17, Episode 3.

'NCIS' Season 17 Episode 3 once again took us back to the Ziva-less void fans have been swimming in since Cote de Pablo's character left us back four years ago. But while Ziva was believed to be dead all this time, it turns out, she was just in hiding, and the entire fandom exploded with joy when it was announced that Ziva is, in fact, alive, and will very much return in the initial episodes of season 17. Sadly, that lasted for a whole of two episodes, and now, in the third installment of the ongoing 17th season, she's gone again, only to return in the final bits of this season - something that has upset fans extremely. Amidst all this, however, we do have some romantic tension to keep our interests hooked, all thanks to Jethro Gibbs and Jack Sloane. But also, what is going on between the two?

While the entire team was busy solving the murder of a trailer park owner, who was killed with a garden gnome of all things, there has been something going on between Sloane and Gibbs that escaped our notice. But not the notice of Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) who, at one point in the episode, ends up confronting Sloane (Maria Bello) about Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

Torres teases Sloane about her and Gibs most definitely having a 'thing' going. "Gibbs and you - we all know you have a thing", he tells her as she begins to look flustered, trying to flash her best, unsuspicious awkward smile only to reply with the question "What thing?", almost too quickly. While we don't know what this thing is, the episode gave away hints that something transpired between the two of them the previous Christmas that the rest of the team definitely knows about and has been keeping in as their little secret, or inside joke. 


With the cat now officially out of the bag, it makes fans really curious whether Sloane and Gibbs will actually follow up with this 'thing' or not. The last we see the two of them bring up the topic in awkward conservation, where Sloane looks at Gibbs nervously, as he asks her if there is anything she's like to talk about. Pretty ironic, considering Sloane spends a lot of time devoted to getting the team to crack and open up - or simply 'talk about' - the sudden arrival and departure of Ziva, with regards to upset team chemistry, or morale.

Well, Sloane, looks like you and Gibbs have some talking to do instead, or so believe your fans as they were quick to pick up on that spark between the two characters, which could most likely lead to he first-ever conversation of that kind between the two. Speculating what could have happened between the two, Twitter user @dangergirl101 remarked: "Holy Smokes Gibbs and Sloane totally hooked up at Christmas, it happened and i'm going to die on that hill. #Slibbs." User @jxnsmom chimed in wishing only the best for the ship, tweeting: "I love Gibbs and Sloane! They are perfect for each other! It’s been too long since Jenny and Hollis. Gibbs deserves to have someone in his life." 

Skeptics, on the other hand, made their digressing opinions known, like user @JBraxt29 claimed: "To those who want Gibbs and Sloane to become a thing: do you really think Gibbs is going to burn Rule 12 like he burned Rule 10 last year? I guess I'm in the minority that doesn't want Gibbs and Sloane to end up together. Yeah, there are sparks between them but knowing Gibbs' history and baggage (Shannon), it won't end well and I don't want the team to deal with the aftermath." And @EKGrayME simply pointed out: "Sloane isn’t a red head so not really Gibbs' type."

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