NBC's upcoming thriller 'The InBetween' isn't exactly like 'Ghost Whisperer,' it's much more complex

NBC's upcoming thriller 'The InBetween' isn't exactly like 'Ghost Whisperer,' it's much more complex

The eerie trailer of NBC's upcoming thriller 'The InBetween' dropped April 25 and the show all set to premiere May 29, has one thing established - it's strikingly similar to 2005s 'Ghost Whisperer.' The upcoming series revolves around a woman named Cassie Bedford, played by Harriet Dyer, who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead.

Her life entangles with that of the earthbound spirits but unlike Jennifer Love Hewitt's Melinda Gordon, she doesn't tell them to crossover and "enter the light." In fact, Cassie teams up with the NYPD detectives and helps solve murders which liberate the spirits and makes her town, a little safe. So much like superheroes.

In the 1-minute-52-second trailer, Cassie realizes her power to see spirits when she sees a woman on the streets frantically calling for help, but just when a car hits her, the vehicle passes right through her, making Cassie realize she just saw a ghost. This again is unlike how Gordon in 'Ghost Whisperer' came to know her power since Gordon was aware she could communicate with the spirits ever since she was a child.

In this scenario, Cassie seems to be a bit of a late bloomer. In the trailer, however, we see Cassie skilfully solve murders and one ghost we see integral to the season is that of a young girl, played by Sarah Abbott, who recently starred in the Netflix thriller, 'The Silence.'

Sarah Abbott was recently seen on Netflix's 'The Silence' (Photo courtesy: Lilly K)

In an interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) Abbott said her character in the NBC supernatural thriller is much "more complex," than her roles so far. This is evident from the fact that her character, Abigail Coleman, is seen hopping around in the house, singing "Peter Rabbit," rendering a massive clue to Cassie and the detectives who are on their heels to solve a gory murder.


Like the woman who passed through a car, she passes through Justin Cornwell's character, Damien Asante. In 'The Silence,' Abbott played 'The Hushed Child' alongside Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto, Stanley Tucci and Kate Corbett.

Though the dialogue-less drama was challenging for Abbott, the star child-actor stated her complex character in 'The InBetween,' is really worth a watch. "I feel my character in The InBetween is more complex. You’ll have to watch and see for yourself," she said adding the drama is bound to "keep you on the edge of your seat."

Abbott is on three episodes of the 10-episode drama and you can see a capricious change in her character in the trailer itself, as we see her screeching and pointing towards Cassie. Not many ghosts in the 'Ghost Whisperer,' were multidimensional characters since they appeared on one episode and entered the light. So, with "complex" in the description of the upcoming supernatural drama, there is a lot of twists and turns to expect. It won't be just another remake of 'Ghost Whisperer.'

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