Seth Rogen- produced 'Preacher' sparks controversy showing Nazi wearing MAGA hat

Seth Rogen- produced 'Preacher' sparks controversy showing Nazi wearing MAGA hat

Seth Rogen's AMC series 'Preacher' has been able to amass widespread critical and viewer acclaim throughout its course of running, but controversies have been galore too - which makes sense because of all the biblical farces abounding in the show.

But in recent developments with respect to controversies circulation the groundbreaking venture, a character clad in a Nazi uniform, flaunting one of President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats has become the center of heated debates amongst netizens and alike.

The character came up in the third season finale that aired on Sunday and was accompanied by visuals of a tank with Nazi symbols on it. There were also several other characters dressed in Nazi uniforms, appearing behind the vehicle, while one of them even sported a red MAGA hat. Guess it's official - Preacher really has taken the show's theatrics on a whole new level this time.

But clearly, viewers and followers of the show didn't seem to agree with the visuals, let alone find amusement in it. Following the episode, multiple social media users took to Twitter to express just how unnecessary and distasteful they found the seen.

"Why did you have to go and put a #MAGA hat on the neo Nazi? You couldn't keep your f---ing politics out of the show?! Now I have to say goodbye to preacher. You suck!" one such user tweeted. Another piped in: "Finale Features Nazi Wearing MAGA Hat. Well, I guess I won’t be catching up on this seasons @PreacherAMC or the next one, way to insert politics to the story."

A third very passionate one stated: "Just hate you had to put your political bulls--t on Preacher. I kno (sic) you dont care but you lost 2 fans of Preacher tonight."

But as if writing unanimously for the entire fandom, one of them shared their insights, saying: "MAGA hat on a Nazi in the latest Preacher, really? Really? The Left hasn't any class. As the grandson of a man who fought the Nazis in WWII and a French woman who lived under Nazi occupation, who's ancestral castle hid the REAL Resistance fighters, this is abhorant (sic)."

"Preacher," had aired for the first time back in 2016, on AMC and revolves around the story of a preacher, who seeks out to an ex and a vampire, in his quest to find God.

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