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'Narcos: Mexico' Season 3 Episode 2: Will Andrea report the big wedding?

Andrea, a journalist, wants to cover a controversial union but is ordered not to. Does she go with her gut or play it safe?
Luisa Rubino as Andrea Nunez in 'Narcos: Mexico' (Netflix)
Luisa Rubino as Andrea Nunez in 'Narcos: Mexico' (Netflix)

In the past couple of years, Netflix has done a lot to expand its streaming platform, taking up productions from non-English speaking regions. Safe to say, Netflix has been the leading streaming service for this very reason, with other platforms following suit.

One of the very first foreign language shows that was a huge hit on Netflix is ‘Narcos’. The first two seasons of the show were a huge success and extremely popular, and so the creators decided to work on the third season - 'Narcos: Mexico'. 


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We were introduced to Walt Breslin (played by Scoot McNairy) in the previous two seasons of the series; the character was inspired by DEA agents operating at that time. When Walt picks up a call from his boss Jamie (played by Matt Letscher), we know that a mission is brewing!

The plan is to use Amado (played by Jose Maria Yazpik) as bait, so as to travel to El Paso, where they keep confiscating his money. A long waiting process with disciplinary actions avec the FBI is in order, and with the lot on surveillance, nobody seems to be moving.

We find out soon enough that all three managers of the lot are dead. Walt and Mike hear about it from El Paso's homicide squad. Meanwhile, Amado hears of the operation and starts wrapping things up. Soon, there's no drugs or money to be found; not a trace of evidence, just empty shops. 

While it's dangerous being a drug dealer in Mexico, the next in line would be the one reporting such crimes. Having thrown some light on the intensity of the situation at hand, when Roman Saldago (played by Alejandro Furth) listens to Andrea (played by Luiza Rubini) talk about a wedding she wants to report and work on, he tells her to drop it, else he'd find a replacement. 

The reason Andrea wants to work on the wedding is a big one. The sister of a drug trafficker is marrying an attorney from one of the city’s oldest firms. This wedding would be the next big talk of the town, in her opinion, because of the two most powerful cartels in Mexico: The Tijuana Cartel and the Gulf Coast cartel.

Meanwhile, at the wedding, one of the men in the Sinaloa cartel gets too drunk and ends up getting himself hit in the head near a koi pond at the wedding venue. Andrea sees this as an opportunity and tries to follow them, making a mental note of all the guests who enter and exit the venue and even tracks members to a Tijuana club. 

Season 3 of 'Narcos: Mexico' is available to stream on Netflix.