#NaomiDeservesBetter : WWE slammed for 'mistreating' superstar and choosing 'mediocre White women' over her

WWE fans are angry with the sport for not pushing the legendary Naomi as much as they do with other white women in the game

                            #NaomiDeservesBetter : WWE slammed for 'mistreating' superstar and choosing 'mediocre White women' over her
Naomi (Getty Images)

Due to a glitch in their system, the WWE rankings briefly showed Mojo Rawley and Naomi in Smackdown Tag Team Champions scenario. Not only was that odd because they are are not the reigning champions of the blue roster, but they aren't a real couple on WWE rings either and most importantly intergender coupling isn't a thing in WWE rules yet. "Apparently @NaomiWWE and I won the Tag Titles last night," Rawley tweeted mocking the glitch, adding: I know it was an online error but name this team!!! Best dance moves in all of @WWE between the two of us!!! #Glow-Jo #Mo-Glow" and Naomi chimed in sharing "I'm not mad at it bro!" The Internet, however, was far from pleased as it reminded them of the bias and injustice Naomi has been dealt with so far.

The glitch in the system only reminded fans further how despite her expansive decade long career in WWE, Naomi has won only two championships so far even though she reigns supreme when it comes to choreography and popularity. "Black Women in the WWE are still being mistreated. Tonight what happened to Naomi been happening to her for 12 years with that company even after she went viral at the Royal Rumble and brought new viewership," slammed a user on Twitter.

"For years WWE hasn’t been using her correctly! Give her the push she deserves!" tweeted another fan. "She has the skills, charisma and star power to be treated better than what she's given and is better than half the girls there," wrote another alongside a video of Naomi fighting Bianca Belair along with Charlotte Flair at the Women’s Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2020. "Naomi been so damn loyal to this company for an entire decade and yet constantly treated like she is inferior to her white counterparts when she is more athletic, charismatic, innovative and superior. WE WANT BETTER TREATMENT OF BLACK WWE WOMEN. PERIODT,

Other fans also argued this was a race issue. "Queen deserves better!!!! Shame on you @WWE she's been with the company for almost 10 years now and she didn't got an opportunity to show her real potential!!!! You guys claim that you care about your black superstars? Show us then and push them," wrote one. "Pls start using my black queen better shes better than half the roster and she’s been treated like trash I’m so done with wwe and the way they treat their black talent," another shared. 

But beyond everything, fans believe "Naomi SHOULD'VE been Divas Champion at least once in her career. There is no excuse why she didn't win it." Naomi's contributions were also praised by another fan, who shared "Naomi has played such an important part in the women’s evolution. She is one of the most athletic and talented women in WWE, and she brought non wrestling fans to the company due to her viral return and Total Divas. She should get way more props from the WWE."

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