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'Nancy Drew' fans are convinced that dead Lucy Sable is teen sleuth's real mother

Suspicions around Carson Drew's involvement in Lucy Sable's murder continue to pile up after Nick finds that Hudsons transferred $50,000 to Carson's account barely two days after her death.

Spoilers ahead for Season 1 Episode 7 of 'Nancy Drew' titled 'The Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen' 

There was a lot happening in the Episode 7 of 'Nancy Drew': Tensions between Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and Nick (Tunji Kasim) are on the rise, her father Carson wants to bring family dinner nights back, George's (Leah Lewis) mother Victoria (Liza Lapira) is seeing dark spirits all around Horseshoe Bay so much so that she must drink herself senseless to avoid seeing the spirits, and finally there is a rather confusing seance

While you could easily dismiss the organizing of this seance as a completely miscellaneous part of the episode, what they found out from Dead Lucy is important: Lucy Sable and Tiffany Hudson (Sinead Curry), contrary to Nancy's theory, were murdered by different people. Lucy also knew who killed Tiffany. And Dead Lucy is haunting Nancy because of the bloody dress in her attic. 

So where does this bring us? 

Suspicions around Carson Drew's (Scott Wolf) involvement in Lucy's murder continue to pile up after Nick finds that the Hudsons transferred $50,000 to Carson's account barely two days after her death. 

And while this detail doesn't directly imply that he could have done something that night, it definitely points to the fact that Carson knows a lot more than he is letting on. Could this be about Nancy's mother?

There is a theory lurking on the Internet that Lucy Sable is actually Nancy's mother and that Ryan Hudson (Riley Smith) is her real father. 

"Lucy was murdered in 2000, this show takes place in the present, so 2019. This is Nancy's "gap year" after high school, meaning she's likely 19," began a fan. "Ryan revealed last night that he really cared about Lucy but after the Velvet Masque that he brought her to in the summer of 2000, his parents wouldn't let him see or speak to her. We also know Lucy caught Ryan's mom with his father's rival, Sebastian Marvin. My theory begins here, after catching them, Ryan's mother was furious and threatened Lucy, who then revealed she was carrying Ryan's baby. This is why Ryan wasn't allowed to see her, and he went off to boarding school in the fall."

Plus Ryan also happened to mention that it was Carson Drew who "handled it" [the Lucy Sable situation] for the Hudsons. "My guess is that Carson then agreed to adopt the baby. Lucy delivered (likely early) the night of the Sea prom thing."

If we are to judge, this theory does fit in place, but not entirely. It is possible that Carson helped cover up the Hudsons' act, but is it possible that it was he who killed Lucy? Probably not. 

At the end of the latest episode, Nancy outright questions him about the murder, ending on this cliffhanger.  

'Nancy Drew' airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW.