Who are Selma Nilla and Lagoona Bloo? Drag queens win $10,000 on 'Nailed It!' for yummy roller coaster cake

Selma handled baking and Lagoona took over decorations and the duo came out on top in both challenges

                            Who are Selma Nilla and Lagoona Bloo? Drag queens win $10,000 on 'Nailed It!' for yummy roller coaster cake
Selma Nilla and Lagoona Bloo in 'Nailed It! Double Trouble' (Netflix)

Drag queens Selma Nilla and Lagoona Bloo featured on 'Nailed It! Double Trouble' episode 2, titled 'The Burbank State Fair', and aced it with elan. They were up against two teams in the baking reality show, but over two challenges, the queens proved their mettle in the kitchen and walked home with a cool $10,000.

In their introduction, Selma and Lagoona revealed that they met while working as queens in New York City and became drag sisters as their bond grew stronger over time. The two were a great team as Selma said she was great at baking, while Lagoona decided to handle the decorating bit completely. 


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Lagoona Bloo and Selma Nilla in 'Nailed It! Double Trouble' (Netflix)

Drag queens are generally considered to be creative - their love for beautifying things is known to everyone and their attention to details is legendary. Selma and Lagoona were a perfect team and they worked very well together in both the challenges and came out on top. 

Who are Selma Nilla and Lagoona Bloo in 'Nailed It! Double Trouble'?

Selma is an actor, singer, dancer, hairstylist, and makeup artist by profession; she decided to become a drag queen after realizing that it was a combination of all her passions. Her drag journey kicked off when she participated in 'Ultimate Drag Pageant' in 2018. She had freshly arrived in New York and the competition went on for two months; she ended up winning the whole thing and kickstarting her drag career.   

Lagoona Bloo and Selma Nilla in 'Nailed It! Double Trouble' (Netflix)

Her start was slow; Selma was doing just one show every week at the West End Lounge. Her paying job was a wig stylist on Broadway but drag was where her heart lied. After months of struggling with smaller gigs, she started performing three nights a week but then Covid-19 struck. With in-person shows coming to a standstill, Selma went the online route and says it's given her some of the best opportunities ever. She launched a cooking show called 'Cluck That!' where she works the kitchen in full-drag. Click on the video below to see how fun it is


Lagoona Bloo was born and raised in Prairieville, Louisiana, and moved to New York City in 2014. This aqua-obsessed queen grew up in a religious church-going family and never really did drag in her home state. She was ridiculed while growing up for claiming to be straight but at the same time jamming to Britney songs, drawing princesses, and having a hand on the hip perpetually. 

Lagoona finally came out in college and started out as an opera major at LSU in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, but hated it. A drop year later, Lagoona pursued musical theater at NSU in Natchitoches in LA and considers it one of the best decisions of her life. She entered the drag industry after a chance meeting with the producer of a musical set. Lagoona never wanted to do drag but fell in love with the character she auditioned for and ended up doing a year-long national tour with the production; since then she has never looked back. The singer, songwriter, and recording artist has released a single called 'Greedy with my Love' and is ready with another release, which will be out soon. 


Selma Nilla and Lagoona Bloo's 'Nailed It! Double Trouble' journey

Selma and Lagoona aced the first challenge where they had to create a caramel corn knockdown doll. Their creation made celebrated chocolate connoisseur and judge Jacques Torres realize his love for popcorn and they ended up winning a range of cooking appliances. For the second challenge, they had to recreate a cotton-candy flavored roller coaster cake, and even though it didn't look as good as the original, it tasted equally yummy. The $10000 prize was awarded to them along with the trophy. 

Selma Nilla and Lagoona Bloo in 'Nailed It! Double Trouble' (Netflix)

'Nailed It! Double Trouble' is now streaming on Netflix.

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