Mystery woman seen frantically ringing door bell found safe after boyfriend shoots himself dead

The boyfriend left a suicide note that helped cops 'identify the female and some of the circumstances behind why these events occurred'

                            Mystery woman seen frantically ringing door bell found safe after boyfriend shoots himself dead

Police officials on Wednesday said that the mysterious woman who was seen approaching a home and frantically ringing the doorbell at 3 am in the morning has been found safe. The woman, who was seen in security camera footage, was dressed in just a t-shirt and had broken restraints dangling from her wrists as she appeared to seek help from a suburban Houston home in Texas.

After the clip of the unidentified woman was released, police officials told the Daily Mail that her boyfriend killed himself with a single shot in the head on Wednesday.

The woman had broken restraints dangling from her wrists
The woman had broken restraints dangling from her wrists


Montgomery County Sheriff’s Officer Scott Spencer, in a statement, said that the woman was found safe is now being consoled by her family. She was described as a "victim of family violence", according to reports.

Police officers also quashed rumors that the woman was 19-year-old Caitlin Dennison who went missing from Reno, Nevada in January. The teenager's sister reportedly believed that the woman in the footage could be Dennison based on the tatoo on her finger, which she thought matched.

Reports state that the dead man is yet to be identified publicly. However, Spencer, who is a lieutenant with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, said that the male was 40 years of age and confirmed to the news outlet that the woman ringing the doorbell was his 32-year-old live-in girlfriend.

Spencer, while talking to the reporters, said: "She is originally from the Dallas area. The two were in a boyfriend/girlfriend situation." The official also added that the investigators in the case have not yet had a chance to thoroughly interview her.

The entrance to the Sunrise Ranch development in Montogemery was cordoned off by law enforcement on Wednesday and officials only allowed residents inside, according to reports.

Spencer said that Sheriff's deputies were called to the house in the 18400 block of Sunrise Pines Drive at 11 am on Wednesday and were probing a man who had been making threats of committing suicide. However, when the officials arrived, they found that it was too late and the man had killed himself.

"When deputies arrived at the scene they were unable to get an answer at the door and at that time forced entry," Spencer reportedly said, adding that they found a dead body inside. "He was deceased from a single gunshot which we believe was self-inflicted."

The officer also said that the man had left a suicide note behind that "helped identify the female and some of the circumstance behind why those events occurred."

The case sparked a massive interest about the mystery woman after Jennie Drude posted the security camera footage of the woman ringing her doorbell on Facebook. She eventually took the clip to police.