'My First First Love' season 2 portrays complex relationships poetically as Netflix's K-drama refreshingly evades embellishment

The second season of 'My First First Love' released on Netflix July 26 and we finally saw how Tae-ho and Song-i's friendship had matured

                            'My First First Love' season 2 portrays complex relationships poetically as Netflix's K-drama refreshingly evades embellishment

Yun Tae-oh (Ji Soo) and Han Song-i (Jung Chae-yeon) are trying the dishes she cooks for breakfast after coming across a book of recipes Tae-oh's mother had prepared, to keep a track of all of Tae-oh's favorite dishes. It is a simple scene over delicious-looking food and it lends itself to something more important when Song-i promises Tae-oh she will make all the dishes in the book for him.

'My First First Love' season 2 is a show that drives its points home by portraying complex relationships with such simple moments. After the first season ended with Tae-oh finding out the truth about the relationship between his best friends, Song-i and Seo Do-hyeon, in season 2, he acts as if he saw nothing and continues to struggle with himself over the truth.

He likes Song-i, but Song-i is attracted to Do-hyeon who happens to be Tae-oh's best friend from his college. Song-i and Do-hyeon in the second season find themselves on opposite sides constantly because of Song-i's friendship with Tae-oh and the fact that she is staying in his house after being abandoned by her mother doesn't help Do-hyeon's insecurities either.

Added to this mix is Tae-oh's girlfriend Ryu Se-hyun (Hong Ji-yoon). Tae-oh's love for his friend is something that he is not ready to confess. In fact, he even tries as hard as possible to move past his feelings. It is not a simple love triangle and that is stressed every time Tae-oh and Song-i put each other's needs over everything else.

A still of Do-hyeon and Song-i in 'My First First Love' season 2. (Source: Netflix)

The first season did a good job of setting up the characters, welcoming us into their lives and urging us to root for one over the other. Asking of us if Song-i choose Tae-oh or Do-hyeon and why? Will she even realize the truth about Tae-oh's feelings for her?

These were a few questions we wanted answered after the first season, and in season 2, we see a gradual build-up before getting these answers. Both Tae-oh and Song-i have to grow up, face situations that are not only tougher but heartbreaking as well and by facing all of it together, their friendship also matures.

While Tae-oh had always been sure of his feelings for Song-i, it took time for Song-i to come to terms with the reality of how she feels about him and about their relationship. While the show does deal with complex emotions and chaotic relationships, the portrayal of the same is steeped in reality.

There is no tone of exaggeration, typical of K-dramas. This is a coming-of-age story that is relatable, charming and above all, cleanly written. Meaning, there is no embellishment that distracts you from the journeys of the characters in the show.

Take Oh Ga-rim (Choi Ri) and Choe-hun's (Kang Tae-oh) narrative for instance. The two other friends that stay at Tae-oh's residence depend on each other and their arcs do not necessarily collide with that of Tae-oh, Song-i and Do-hyeon. It instead segues into the main narrative and adds value to the plot.

From the poetic titles of each episode to the respect the young characters are treated with, the show is a refreshing take on relationships. It is all of this that makes 'My First First Love' season 2 a must-watch. 

'My First First Love' season 2 began streaming on Netflix July 26.

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