'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Whitney worried about Chase breaking up with her in the 'city of love'

'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Whitney worried about Chase breaking up with her in the 'city of love'
Whitney Thore and Chase Severino (TLC)

Whitney Way Thore and Ryan Andreas are in Paris and accompanying them are Whitney's boyfriend Chase and friends Ashley and Todd. This is a business trip organized by Ryan and even though the plan was to generate a lot of content for their subscribers, the crew did find a little wiggle room wherein they could have a little fun and explore Paris. 

Whitney was very annoyed with Ryan for booking just one room, forcing her and her boyfriend, Chase, to share the room with him. After one full day of shooting a workout routine video with fitness influencer Gautier, the crew discussed going to champagne country in Trigny, a 90-minute drive from the hotel they were staying at. She finds this as the perfect opportunity to spend some alone time with Chase. She tells him that the moment she met him, she just knew that they can make babies together. Chase is visibly taken aback by this discussion and makes it known that he doesn't know if he wants to have babies at this point in time and the energy between them drops down by notches.

Put off by the baby conversation that happened between them, both Chase and Whitney decide to join their friends on the trip to the champagne country. Whitney decides to drive and Chase sits with her in the front seat, leaving Todd and Ashley scrunched up in the backseat with Ryan. This annoys them to no end as they were the ones who booked the car in the first place.

After a while Ryan points out to a woman "flying on a bike" and Ashley mishears it as "really fine", leaving her wondering aloud as to how could he tell that a woman is fine by just looking at her. To this Whitney was quick to add, "They're men Ashley, did you forget". Chase doesn't like the tone of her comment and tells off Britney and he tells her “you’re going in on men right now and there’s no reason to do that".

Whitney senses tension rising between her and Chase who at this point isn't even making eye contact with her. "I don't know if anyone picks up on this, but Chase and I are definitely feeling off right now," says Whitney.

After driving for some time, Whitney makes a pitstop for everyone to take a water break and stretch a little and when they are about to resume the trip, Chase switches positions and hops on to the backseat of the car. This leaves Whitney with a feeling that he is doing this just to get away from her. She feels that one conversation about the future has completely alienated Chase from her and that is something that caused her to worry immensely.

After reaching their destination for the day. Chase talks it out with Ryan about not knowing if he wants children at this point. Ryan understands where he is coming from but also notes the fact that this should be expected when one is dating an older woman and no one is wrong in this situation. Meanwhile, Whitney has a heart to heart with her friend, Ashley, wherein she confides about being worried at the moment that Chase might break up with her. However, in the preview to next week's episode, we see Chase going down on one knee and popping the question to Whitney and turns out all of her worries were for nothing and Chase is in this for the long run even though he might not want babies at this point. 

Don't miss the big proposal next week. 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' airs on Tuesday nights on TLC.

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