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Whitney Thore wants babies with French BF, 'MBFFL' fans say she 'never even met him'

'Whitney gonna have a virtual baby with her virtual boyfriend in her imaginary life. #mybigfatfablife,' commented a fan
'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' star Whitney Thore (TLC)
'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' star Whitney Thore (TLC)

Fans of 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' have been hearing about Whitney Thore's desire to start a family for the longest time. The reality star has always dreamed of meeting a guy, falling in love, having a big, beautiful wedding, and finally starting a family. But after her ex-fiancé- Chase Severino cheated on her, her big life plans went for a toss. Whitney was feeling lost and heartbroken over how things panned out with Chase.

While she was still getting over her heartbreak, she crossed paths with a French man on a language learning platform and hit it off with him. Although she has only known him virtually, Whitney couldn't help but feel a strong connection with him so much so that she labeled him as her boyfriend. Unfortunately for fans, they haven't been able to get a peek of her French man as he wants to maintain his privacy, so none of his details have been revealed either on the TLC show or Whitney's social media. While fans are trying to crack the identity of Whitney's mystery boyfriend, the reality star is already busy planning her future with him even before meeting him in person. After one virtual date with her French man, Whitney is already talking of having babies with him.


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'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' star Whitney Thore and her mystery French boyfriend (Whitney Thore/ Instagram)

The recently aired episode of 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' featured Whitney meeting her doctor to check if she can freeze her eggs. After getting the doctor's seal of approval, she began scouting for a surrogate who can carry her baby for her. She zeroed in on her best friend Heather Sykes as her surrogate. Heather agreed to be Whitney's surrogate. The only thing left for Whitney's plans to take off is for her to inform her French man of her big plans and get him on board with it and obviously meet him in person.

Fans were beyond amused watching Whitney fast-track her relationship at such an alarming pace with a man she barely knows. A fan tweeted, "Wayment! Did she say "I've met someone? She actually said that in the context of having a baby? She has lost her whole mind! #MyBigFatFabLife." Another fan wrote, "I’ve met someone!” Girl you haven’t even met this man in person… stop planning kids with him! #MyBigFatFabLife." "Whitney talking about babies with this imaginary boyfriend #MyBigFatFabLife," joked a fan. Another fan added, "Whitney gonna have a virtual baby with her virtual boyfriend in her imaginary life. #mybigfatfablife."





'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' star Whitney Thore (TLC)

Another fan wondered, " Whitney freezing her eggs to have a baby with the fake French guy?" "Whitney is weird for talking about having kids with the Frenchman, who she has never even met! #MyBigFatFabLife," pointed out a fan. "This show is ridiculous. Yet another season, yet another fake love interest. And now we get to talk about her eggs.. barf...#MyBigFatFabLife," expressed a fan.




'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' airs every Tuesday at 9/8c on TLC.