'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Season 7 ends with Whitney and Chase's romantic engagement at Eiffel Tower

'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Season 7 ends with Whitney and Chase's romantic engagement at Eiffel Tower
Whitney Thore and Chase Severino (TLC)

​It's the season finale of 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life'. The episode opens with Whitney Way Thore and Ryan Andreas heading out to meet their next set of influencers.

Whitney had picked out the influencers and she had planned to shoot a dance workout this time. Ryan decided to sit this one out as he is not a very good dancer. He is a little upset that Whitney chose to carry on with her dancing partner and friend Todd and the influencers in spite of him excluding himself from the same by his own admission stating that he's not a dancer but a fitness influencer. 

After wrapping up the dance workout, the crew comes back to the hotel and Whitney's boyfriend Chase asks Ryan to leave the room for a couple of hours so that he could spend some alone time with Whitney.

Elsewhere in the city, Todd and Ashley are hanging out together and Todd tells her Ryan was being a baby about the dance workout. While they were still talking, they see Ryan just hanging out near the cafe and they ask him to join him. He fills them up on his fitness workout that he has planned for the following day at Eiffel Tower. 

Back at the hotel, Chase blindfolds Whitney and brings her into their room. When she opens her eyes, she sees room service been ordered, a bottle of champagne, candles around the room and the bed decorated with rose petals. The thing that surprises her the most is that along with chocolates there was milk on the table as well as she can't have chocolates without milk.

Whitney is extremely emotional at this point but is also is a little skeptical since she and Chase had some tension between them just a day ago and they hadn't really spoken about it. She couldn't stop thinking about the friction that still lies beneath the surface of all this. It all looked like a set-up for a proposal to her but by the end of the night, it was clear that it was just a romantic dinner. 

The next morning, Ryan and Whitney along with Todd, Ashley and Chase head to the Eiffel Tower where they meet fitness coach Smail. Ryan challenges everyone to climb to the second level of the staggering monument. They start out great but then Whitney starts facing difficulty 169 steps into the challenge. She asks the rest of her friends to continue and not wait on her as she didn't want to burden them with her pace.

She was almost burnt out and she remembered of a time when another friend of hers had challenged her to climb the garage steps and even though it was just 150 steps, she barely made it back then. She, however, was in much better shape now and was hopeful that she will complete the challenge, and she did exactly that. She joined the rest of the crew shortly after they made it to the first level.

While the rest of the crew decides to return to the hotel, Chase asks Whitney to accompany him to the topmost observation deck. On the way to the top, Chase is visibly nervous. He admits he is scared of heights and Whitney considers herself lucky that he is doing this just because she would love it at the top.

Once they reach the deck, there's no other soul in sight and the two take in the beauty of the city without any distractions. It was then that Chase asks Whitney to turn her back against him so that he could take a picture of her overlooking the city. Once she does that, he asks her to turn towards him to look at the photo. When she does that, he is on his knee with a stretched out hand bearing a ring. He asks a very shocked but equally emotional Whitney to marry her and the season draws to a close with Chase and Whitney being engaged in the most romantic setting in the world.

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