'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Chase says he's receiving 'floods of hate' after 'magical' pregnancy announcement

Chase and Whitney broke up after the former cheated on her and following this, Chase said that he's not received any support for the fact that his now girlfriend is pregnant

                            'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Chase says he's receiving 'floods of hate' after 'magical' pregnancy announcement

Last week, Whitney Way Thore opened up about the pain she was going through after her heart was broken by Chase Severino who broke up with her over a phone call after dropping the news of his girlfriend's pregnancy to her. She hadn't left her house because of quarantine and to top that this news made her feel all the more lonely and her mom had to come in to help her ride this out. Her mom could only stay for a short while but Whitney was still not ready to live alone and Buddy Bell came in to save the day like always. Also seen on last week's episode was Chase making an attempt to establish contact with Whitney and asking to meet one last time so they could talk in person about what had happened. Whitney had declined at first but then gave in and drove off to see him. 

On Tuesday night's (Dec 15) episode, the conversation that took place between them was highlighted. Chase kept telling her that he was happy and excited about his daughter coming along whereas Whitney was really saddened. Her hurt came from a place of her thinking that she'd lost everything after losing Chase while he had everything that she wanted, most importantly a baby, something that she's dreamt of for a long time. 

Chase told her that he still loves and cares for her but they cannot be together because he has to be in Wilmington, caring for the kid. He had made the choice and didn't want to break the hearts of two girls. At that point, Whitney saw it for what it was, the end. She then asked Chase to hug her one last time and the two later went their separate ways. 

Whitney's business partner Ryan Andreas connected with Chase, who's also his best friend, virtually to get an update about how he's doing. He then asked if he'd met up with Whitney and cleared out things. Chase told her that he did and after some discussion, Andreas made his stance clear that he was "team nobody" in this case. He said that he's going to remain neutral and not going to be caught up between the ex-couple. 

Chase was unhappy to hear it. He said that he was expecting Andreas to be team Chase after what he'd gone through after the announcement went public. In a confessional to the camera, he said, "But I would like people to know that I am not out there to get Whitney or anything like that. I've received some horrible mean stuff. It's hurtful," he said with a lump in his throat. 

"I just get hate, hate, hate, hate, hate," he said stressing that "it kinda sucks but I gotta be strong for the mother and daughter." Chase added, "This should be one of the magical announcements of my life and it hit hard, all that hate from everyone." He was wiping off tears at this point and said that he was getting "floods of hate" from all corners and that it wasn't supposed to be that way. 

Whitney, on the other hand, had sort of received the closure that was needed for her to move on. She was also seen at a "smash house" with Buddy Bell where she destroyed a lot of stuff and even got to wreck a car. He took Whitney there so that she could release all her anger, anxiety and pain and it definitely looked like she let go of all those emotions. 

'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC. 

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