'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': What was Buddy Bell's embarrassing 'doggie' sex and dating advice to Whitney Thore?

Buddy and Whitney have been friends for a very long time and no conversation is off-limits between the two of them, not even NSFW dating advice

                            'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': What was Buddy Bell's embarrassing 'doggie' sex and dating advice to Whitney Thore?

During the last week's episode of 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Whitney Thore's ex-boyfriend from four years ago, Lennie, showed up at her door. He'd reconnected with her via text just a week ago checking up on her about how she was doing after she announced her breakup with her cheating ex-fiance, Chase. The recent episode picked up from there.

Lennie at her doorstep was not a very interesting prospect for her initially but the more they talked to each other after the initial awkwardness warded off, Whitney could feel that the connection between them still existed. Lennie called her "brilliant, hardworking, talented, and obviously beautiful" when she asked if there's anything wrong with her because of which she got cheated on by Chase who was the love of her life. Hearing Lennie say these things, Whitney couldn't help wonder out aloud as to why they broke up in the first place. Lennie told her that he felt that she had grown tired of him. 

Things started off well between the former couple. He even spent the night at Whitney's home and was making breakfast for her the morning after. Buddy had just come back and he was a little taken aback by what was happening. He was usually the one standing in the kitchen making something to eat for himself as well as his best friend Whitney. Buddy then goes ahead to subject both Whitney and Lennie to some very specific and awkward morning-after interrogation. He dilly-dallies and beats around the bush for a while before getting straight to the point and asking them "did you'll F**k?". 

Lennie had to get out of there, not because he couldn't take any more grilling but because Whitney had already hinted that she and Buddy were headed for a weekend out. On the way to the lakehouse where their friends were already waiting for them, Whitney was just rambling about what would she do in the scenario where Lennie asks her out. She's been taking the pandemic and quarantine very seriously because she comes in the highly susceptible group due to her weight and she was now weighing her options. 

Buddy Bell gives it to her straight. He says, "Wear a mask, go doggie" and even though Whitney and Buddy have had a lot of scandalous conversations in the past, Whitney thought this was too much and her face flushed red immediately. "Buddy, I want attention but I am not ready for all that just yet," she said brushing off his advice. 

'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' airs Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC. 

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