'Ex on the Beach': Marie and Devin rekindle their relationship as Billy and Lexi's begins blooming

MTV has moved the 'Ex on the Beach' slot from Tuesday nights to Thursday nights. Here is a preview of what we will get to see in the upcoming episode...

                            'Ex on the Beach': Marie and Devin rekindle their relationship as Billy and Lexi's begins blooming

After MTV moved ‘Ex on the Beach’ from Tuesday nights to Thursday nights, we can’t wait for it to be Thursday already to catch up on our favorite show. The previous episode was a cut week, and we saw Billy Reilich’s ex Cara getting eliminated. There was also lots of drama between Anthony and Shannon. We saw Cameron’s ex Alexis making a spectacular entrance, which led to Cameron being on shaky ground with Geles.

The sneak peeks that we got of the upcoming episode looks very promising. Fan-favorite participant Marie was found spending some quality time with Devin. We see that Devin ranks her as a 6! While we do not endorse or encourage ranking of women, but if we had to, she’d be a solid 10 in our books. We also see Shannon and Marie discussing Maries’ relationship with Devin. Marie beautifully sums it up as “yin and yang." She says that she gets Devin’s humor and he gets hers. She feels that they both balance each other out. Shannon remarks in her confessional about how uncomplicated their relationship seems to be. Well, to be fair, most relationships will come across as simple and uncomplicated in comparison to Shannon’s. Though it appears that the episode will be heavily relying on Devin and Marie’s romance, there seems to be a new connection in the villa.

Marie Roda (Instagram)

Billy expressed his interest in Lexi Kaplan and felt that Cara was getting in his way, in the previous episode. But now, with Cara out of his way, Billy seems to have made his way to Lexi. In the preview, we see Billy carrying Lexi and kissing her. Well, we’re happy for Billy, finally, he found someone. In the earlier episodes, he kept harping about how lonely he felt, now we hopefully won’t have to hear that again for a while now.

Lexi Kaplan attends the 8th Annual Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Finale Hosted By Issa Rae at Villa Casa Casuarina on December 8, 2017 in Miami Beach, Florida.

We also get to see Shannon and Anthony arguing. No surprise there. Shannon is seen telling (more like threatening) Anthony about how she wants to make their relationship work. Well, good luck with that Shannon. This is despite, Anthony explicitly stating that the doesn’t want to get back with her.
You can catch all the new episodes of ‘Ex on the Beach’ every Thursday at 9 pm.

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