‘Ex on the Beach’: Fans ask Shannon to move away from Anthony as the erratic relationship gets messier

'Ex on the Beach' star Shannon's recent behavior indicates that she needs to learn to love herself, accept the situation and move on for a better future.

                            ‘Ex on the Beach’: Fans ask Shannon to move away from Anthony as the erratic relationship gets messier

MTV’s hit reality show ‘Ex on the Beach’ features a bunch of singles who are trying to move on as they deal with their ex engagements. The show has all the ingredients required for the makings of a captivating reality show - contestants with a flair for drama, messy relationships, and of course, loads and loads of fights. In the previous episode of the show, which aired on August 6, we saw the messy dynamics between Anthony and his ex-Shannon getting even messier.

For a brief recap on Anthony - he is on the show as both an ex and a single. He appeared as Geles’s ex seeking revenge, and later his ex-girlfriend Shannon too washes up on the show seeking revenge from Anthony. While Geles eventually makes peace with Anthony and moves on with her life, we can’t say the same about Shannon. This 24-year-old beauty didn’t take her break-up with Anthony too well. While she came on the show hungry for revenge and while she was initially going off at Anthony at every given opportunity with her back-handed comments, she eventually mellowed down on him. Anthony goes and hooks up with fellow single - Kenya Scott on the show. This doesn’t sit well with Shannon and she immediately seduces Anthony and gets in bed with him. The next morning, Shannon tells all the villa people that she and Anthony are in a good place. Anthony immediately responds saying that he regrets hooking up with her and makes it clear that he doesn’t intend on mending their relationship.

Shannon on 'Ex on the Beach' (Twitter)

Shannon then threatens him that she will get pregnant with his baby so that he can’t get away from her. She is later seen almost begging him to get back with her because she loves him a lot. This behavior of Shannon has us concerned about her mental health. She needs to understand that the relationship has long ended and her trying to make it work will only end up hurting her and make her feel worse. She also needs to learn to love herself and accept her situation and move on for a better future.

Fans too feel that Shannon’s erratic behavior is disconcerting. A fan wrote, “Good god, what does Shannon see in Anthony? Like he’s such a prick and he’s not even interested in her. He just said he regrets hooking up with her... love yourself, bitch! Nobody else is going to do that for you!!”
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