'Ex on the Beach' fans feel sorry for Ariana as she finds herself caught in a love triangle once again

'Ex on the Beach' fans feel sorry for Ariana as she finds herself caught in a love triangle once again

'Ex on the Beach' star Ariana Nova can't seem to catch a break in the romance department. After going through hell with her now-ex Cameron and his manipulative and borderline sociopathic behavior, she found some respite in fellow cast-mate Mechie.

When Cameron made it clear to Ariana that he was picking Alexis over her, she quietly decided to let go but immediately another door opened for her in the form of Mechie who offered her a shoulder to cry on and began taking interest in her.
Before we knew it, there was a new couple in the house — Ariana and Mechie. The couple won everybody over with their good looks and charm, although Ariana's ex, Cameron was still bitter to see her move on.

Time and again he kept comparing himself to Mechie, but Mechie shut him down by reminding Cam that he wasn't manipulating or stringing girls along.


In fact, when one of Mechie's ex Kellie Sweet washed up on the show, he made it clear to her that his focus was on Ariana, and they mutually agreed to part ways.

So, no Cameron, you and Mechie are not alike. A fan wrote, "Cameron you need to keep your mouth shut. you were playing Lexi & Ariana at the same time so you have no room to even talk on a situation at all!!  #ExOnTheBeach".


Just when the couple started to get comfortable with each other, Mechie's other ex, Danielle washed up on the show, and this caused havoc in Ariana and Mechie's relationship.

Since day one, Mechie had made it very clear to everybody that he was on the show to work things out with Danielle until he found a connection with Ariana.


Things went from bad to worse when Ariana saw Mechie explaining to Danielle that he wanted their relationship to work and he was committed to it and sees a future for them. Poor Ariana had a breakdown, as the situation reminded her of Cameron's drama.

Fans also felt sorry for the gorgeous reality star and took to social media to extend their support to her. A fan tweeted, "It breaks my heart to see Ariana going through yet another heartbreak. Girl, can't win. #ExOnTheBeach".

Another fan pointed out, "Poor Ariana all that girl been doing since she got on that show is cry & it's crazy cause she's so beautiful smh  #ExOnTheBeach".

Fans are hoping that Ariana will stay strong and get past this messy situation and find something better. A fan wrote, "Ariana wipe those tears. There is somebody out there for you that is going to put YOU first and only be about YOU. #ExOnTheBeach".


We hope that the reality star will soon be in a much better space and not be drawn to any more toxic relationships and drama. Tune in to 'Ex on the Beach' on Thursday nights at 9/8c only on MTV.

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