'16 and Pregnant': Teen mom Kali Collette gets slammed by fans for being 'too dependent' on baby daddy Auston

Fans felt this was an 'unhealthy' relationship as Auston was being held back by Kali and being robbed of his education and a better future

                            '16 and Pregnant': Teen mom Kali Collette gets slammed by fans for being 'too dependent' on baby daddy Auston
Kali Collette and Auston (MTV)

MTV aired the sixth episode of '16 and Pregnant' on Tuesday night, marking the end of this limited re-imagined series. It featured 15-year-old Kali Collette and her boyfriend Auston, the same age as her. The two had been dating since sixth grade and Kali said that they'd been together 24x7 since then.

They were 15 and expecting a child and even though they were excited about this phase, Kali's parents who also gave birth as teenagers decided to lay out the facts and offer some clarity regarding parenting challenges at that young an age. 

Kali labored for over 27 hours before giving birth to her and Auston's son Bodhi. She had her mother in the delivery room for support, Auston couldn't be there because of Covid-19 restrictions and Kali was not very happy about it. Kali's parents had opened their home up for Auston to stay with them before the birth and after Bodhi's arrival as well.

However, they were skeptical about this arrangement where their unmarried teenage daughter was sharing a roof with her boyfriend and they voiced their concerns but Kali was not yet ready to let Auston go home. 

Auston, on the other hand, wanted to go ahead and get back to school, however, growing up his dad was absent for most of the time and he didn't want the same for Bodhi. So he skipped classes and his grades deteriorated and it took an intervention from his grandfather to help him get back on track. Kali's parents too had this conversation where they asked Auston what he wanted.

They stressed on the importance of co-parenting independently and reiterated that being so dependent on each other was not healthy. Kali had her apprehensions and she began to cry at the thought of doing things alone, however, sense prevailed at a later stage. 

Fans of the show were very impressed with the grandparents stepping in to knock some sense into the teen parents but at the same time they were not very impressed with Kali and a lot of them took to Twitter to sound off against her. "Umm, I’m sorry, but it’s scary to see how depend Kali is on her bf. THEY’RE 15!!! Idk. That jus don’t sit right w me.. #16andpregnant" wrote a fan.

"Whhyyyyyyy is this girl so dependent on her boyfriend!? This sh*t worries me!! Take care of your baby too! #16andpregnant" said another. "Kali needs to Stop crying & being so Codependent. Her dad telling Austin to Get Out! He’s a good dad but he gotta go! #16andpregnant #getout" read another tweet.

"She has severe codependent issues. It’s pretty clear. I think they just want her to realize she doesn’t need him every second of the day, everyday. Not even married couples are together that much #16AndPregnant" read another. "This is a very codependent relationship. It’s unhealthy. #16andPregnant" read another tweet. 










Kali and Auston had been living together for a long time, six months to be precise, and they'd come to terms with the fact that they need to move on with their lives. Auston returned to his house at the end of the episode and Kali stayed back at her parents with Bodhi.

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