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'Mrs America' Episode 7: Phyllis getting face-slammed by a pie has fans calling it the 'best cold open ever'

It comes as a respite that someone so anti-feminist finally gets a slap on the wrist or, in this case, a pie in the face!
Cate Blanchett as Phyllis (Hulu)
Cate Blanchett as Phyllis (Hulu)

Spoilers for Episode 7 'Bella'

Amid the plethora of Emmy worthy performances, most of them flaunting Cate Blanchett's innate expertise as the spiteful Phyllis Schlafly, the scene from Episode 7 of 'Mrs America' titled 'Bella' has struck fans as the most iconic cold open. Why? Phyllis gets a pie slammed on her face.

The episode opens with yet another address from Phyllis to her periodic luncheons now filled with Stop ERA allies and activists who all agree the Women's Liberation Movement is an outright threat to their cushy family lives.

She talks about the positive woman and how the ERA is anti their mottos of looking at family and life as their potential. She is also able to weasel some security and defence related topics into her agenda and suddenly her tone gets menacing, eyes seething through the crowd as if challenging everybody who dares say positively about their president's notion on war and the kind.

She blames the "libbers" for softening up their government plunging them into a crisis, and in all her glory, Phyllis is nothing short of a totalitarian dictator — reading to punish anyone in sight who defies her pursuits. 

When she cools down from the speech and finally walks over to her seat, barely seconds pass before she is ambushed by a server at the event and he slams an entire pie on her face, screaming: "You're a traitor to your sex by waging war against women!"

Splattered with a face full of cream, enough to have injured her left eye into an eyepatch later in the episode like some battle wound, Phyllis shakes it off saying how glad she is that it's not a cherry pie because it would have stained the dress.

As shocking, hard-hitting and traumatic as the whole ordeal is for Phyllis, it comes as a respite that someone so anti-feminist finally gets a slap on the wrist — at least that's what fans think, touting the scene as the "best cold open" in history. 

Tweeting about the scene that has won fans over, one of them shared: "I mean not less than five minutes and you have this moment with Alice & Phyllis and the infamous pie. Best cold open!" Another called it "a perfect shot." Another fan shared: "Phyllis getting pie in her face ah we love to see it. What she deserves!!"

Even Blanchett handling all that food on her face like a pro and going ahead to rub the cream off her eyes, was commended, noting: "I can't!!! Love it! Our actor and EP Cate Blanchett is really so committed!! This is A LOT of cream!! She is truly a legend!!"

Another sympathized, writing: "HOLY SHIT she is all covered in cream!!!!!!!!!! Poor Cate, but so well done to Phyllis!"

The ballsy server being a man also caught fan's attention, with one of them tweeting: "'You’re a traitor to your sex by waging war against women!' Who is this ahead of the time feminist king with the pie?!" No wonder they think "this episode of #MrsAmerica was hands down one of the BEST episodes the series can give."

'Mrs America' drops new episodes every Wednesday on Hulu.