'Mr. Robot' season 4 premiere's Sam Esmail cameo has fans extremely freaked out about the Dark Army

All Esmail said was 'Goodbye, Friend' and that was enough to give fans a new villain for their nightmares.

                            'Mr. Robot' season 4 premiere's Sam Esmail cameo has fans extremely freaked out about the Dark Army

This article contains spoilers for season 4 premiere.

USA Network's 'Mr. Robot' returned after two full years with its fourth and final season and while that is reason enough for fans to enjoy the soon-to-culminate saga, they are particularly shaken and stirred with the creator Sam Esmail's faint little appearance on the premiere episode.

Elliot, as usual, is up to whatever he has been up to in the last four seasons, and while the faint line between Rami Malek's character and its alter ego, Mr. Robot is blurred, it is the very end of the episode that has us digging for answers further. As the story begins to wrap up its first episode, we see a staged overdose sort of situation in Elliot's apartment. Two men kidnap him, hold him down, and tie his arms with a tourniquet, but save your gasps for the appearance of a third man who proceeds to shoot Elliot up full of drugs. Reason? Well, this dangerous man is played by the mastermind who created the show in the first place - director, Esmail.



Sad as the staged overdose scene is, with them doing everything they can to put an end to whatever Elliot's up to, as his overdose slowly causes him to envision his family fading into black, fans can't get over witnessing Esmail be the big bad taking care of Elliot this episode. Taking to Twitter to express their shock, user @I_AmHangingOn tweeted, "I waited and waited for to see if Sam was going to make an appearance, and when this was it, it killed me. I couldn't breathe. I was excited and mortified." The same user also noted that Esmail's wife, Emmy Rossum made a second or two worth of appearance in the season premiere, but could have been a possible fluke.

But without digressing, more fans were left haunted by Esmail's appearance than by the story itself, as user @rknepp pointed out: "That was rude @samesmail. How am I supposed to sleep now!? And how am I supposed to wait until next week!?" Others are having trouble believing what impending doom is to come, and speaking for those, user @second_cassidy shared: "I can’t believe the sam cameo in the first ep was foreshadowing that dark army was following and using E from the first 2 minutes of the series."

And for all those still confused about why this mere appearance caused such a buzz amidst the fandom, catch 'Mr. Robot' on Sunday nights at 10pm/9c only on USA Network.

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