'Moving For Love': Matt to make adjustments with his Navy job to move in with Marisa

'Moving For Love': Matt to make adjustments with his Navy job to move in with Marisa
Matt and Marisa in 'Moving For Love' (HGTV)

Channels like HGTV always manage to bring real estate shows with a different story for the viewers. Apart from the ordinary home renovating and home touring story, the channel is back with something different, this time with 'Moving For Love.' 

'Moving For Love' revolves around a different couple who are dating each other and living away from each other in long-distance relationships. Episode 3 shows Marisa and Matt, who have been dating each other for a long time but are now planning to live together and enjoy their love life. It is ubiquitous and normal to consider many factors like a dream house with all the basic and top-notch facilities, professional and personal life, family members, and most importantly, budget. Just like other couples in the show, Marisa and Matt too were confused as to who will make the big geographical move. Marisa, however, thinks of all the factors but doesn't consider Matt's Navy job that he earned with a lot of pain and hard work. 


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The episode features many beautiful houses that these couples tour together for finalizing the one they would love to start their new life in. But unlike other teams, Matt and Marisa were a little different as Matt was the one focusing on his Navy job. Considering all the pain, sweat and tears that he invested in grabbing the job, Matt's unwillingness to move to a new city was understandable. However, Marisa was only concerned about her and Matt's family and friends. Eventually, Marisa convinced Matt to make the big move from Sun Lake City to Houston for the sake of Marisa.

Soon after the episode ended, fans expressed their opinion on the show as well as the couple. A tweet read, "Moving for Love should not be the title. Seems like it’s more I Guess I’ll Move for You #hgtv #movingforlove." Another fan sarcastically tweeted, "Trust me. Marissa has already asked to speak with the manager of the Navy. #movingforlove #hgtv." Other tweet read,"all these couples on moving for love are gonna break up/get divorced lol #hgtv."




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