'Motherland: Fort Salem' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Freeform fantasy thriller

'Motherland: Fort Salem' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Freeform fantasy thriller

Witches are the new breed of superheroes. This was the bold statement 'Motherland: Fort Salem' made when it made its freshman debut this March.  The series is set in a world where humans and witches co-exist and the latter is treated with the utmost respect when they are shown to have signed up for military service. It takes place in the present-day United States where witches ended their persecution over 300 years ago and cut a deal with the government to fight for their country with supernatural tactics and weapons. 


And after seeing a healthy rating and a dedicated fan base, the show has been officially renewed for Season 2 after a cliffhanger finale. Here's what we know about it so far:

Release Date

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Season 2 will take some time to kickstart production. This may mean we're in for a long wait. Should things clear up sooner, then we might be looking for a mid-2021 release. 



The finale focussed on three storylines

Tally's sacrifice to become Alder's Biddy

In the midst of a raging battle against the Camarilla, one of General Alder's biddies, dies. This leads to Alder slowly losing her strength and abilities. Tally immediately transfers her youth healing Alder. They mount a hasty attack and look to retreat. 


Raelle's newfound abilities and Abigail

Taylor Hickson's Raelle was supposed to be a healer, but the finale sees her brutally stabbed and on the verge of death. Abigail attempts to rescue her. It appeared that Abigail's healing power might have triggered something in Raelle as she unleashes a sort of hidden power. 

Scylla, Raelle's mother, and the Spree


Raelle's mother was part of Spree, and that bomb is dropped in the final minutes when a freed Scylla walks into what looks like a nice quaint home in a suburb. But not before she and Anacostia finally bond with the latter giving Scylla a fighting chance despite her being the Spree. 

While the plot for Season 2 is unknown, we can speculate that it may deal with the aftermath of the Camarilla battle. Spree has their plans and it is interesting to see the part Scylla plays. With Anacostia trailing her, there seems to be a plan between the duo as well. Raelle and Abigail's fate will be the first thing fans would be hoping to know. 



Expect much of the cast to return. Freeform announced that Lyne Renee will be a series regular in Season 2. Shew was actually listed as a recurring actor in Season 1. The rest of the cast comprising of Taylor Hickson, Jessica Sutton, Ashley Nicole Williams, Amalia Holm, and Demetria McKinney will almost definitely be back. 


Steven Adelson, Erin Maher, Kay Reindl, and Bryan Q Miller will also serve as executive producers on the series. Showrunner Elliot Laurence will return to helm the new season. 



There is no trailer at the moment and it will be a wait till we see some footage. But watch this space as we'll bring the latest updates on 'Fort Salem' as it breaks. 


Talking about Season 2, showrunner Elliot Laurence said: "I could not be more grateful for the chance to keep exploring the world of Motherland: Fort Salem. Freeform has been such a fabulous home for us through the development process, production, post, and marketing. I’m also blown away by the love we’ve gotten from our fans, whose excitement and passion played a massive part in this renewal. Thank you, witches!" (Via Den of Geek)


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