Mother-of-five dies of cancer just hours before her wedding

Jennie Cameron's cervical cancer returned within 10 weeks after being given an all-clear in July and spread through liver, lungs, lymph nodes and bones.

                            Mother-of-five dies of cancer just hours before her wedding

Mother of five - Jennie Cameron - tragically died just hours before she was supposed to get married to her fiance. Her death came after a tiring battle with cancer. The 32-year-old bride-to-be passed away from the disease on September 1; the very same day that she was supposed to get married to her 28-year-old Francis Yule. What was supposed to be her wedding reception, was instead celebrated as a toast to her life - with her family members and friends paying tribute to the young mother, who had taken her fiance's last name Yule, prior to her death. 

Her heartbroken fiance, Francis, revealed that he did, however, slip the wedding ring into Jennie's finger, even though it was shortly after her death, reports Daily Mail Online. "Jennie was far stronger than me throughout all of this. I sometimes joked she was made of steel," he shared with the outlet. "She had come home last Friday from Ninewells. Jennie was scheduled to go down to the Apex with her bridesmaids on Friday, but she wasn't up to it."



Unfortunately, in the early hours of last Saturday, Jennie's health deteriorated, following which she was taken back to the hospital, where eventually she passed away. Francis said: "Jennie was my soulmate. Although we didn't get to celebrate the day as we had planned, it will always be our wedding day. The one comfort I think all the family have is that Jennie is now at peace. She is no longer in pain, she was such a strong warrior throughout. As a family everyone has come together, we will ensure her children never forget how strong she has been throughout this ordeal."

Jennie's stepfather, Brian Lyndsey, told the outlet: "We had initially canceled the wedding venue, but we decided to have a celebration in Jennie's memory."

Jennie had received the devastating news of her terminal disease back in July, this year. After a round of treatment, she was also given the all-clear from cervical cancer back then, but sadly, it returned and spread to her liver, lungs, lymph nodes and bones. Lyndsey also shared that after the initial good news was given to them at Easter, Jennie soon developed a cough, which meant frequent visits to the doctor. 



"Within ten weeks she is getting told it was terminal, we were all absolutely devastated," he said. At the same time, he mentioned how their family had been 'overwhelmed' by the way all of their friends, relatives, and strangers came forward to help raise money for Jennie's 'dream wedding.'

"Jennie's memory will live on through her kids. We can all see features of Jennie in her children. Despite all her health issues, she made sure the kids and the family came first," he added. Jennie's funeral will be next Tuesday at 11.45am at Dundee Crematorium, and her friends invited are to be wearing bright colors. She is survived by her children Nathan, Kirsten, Aimee, Kayla, and Mason.