Mothers share pics of their post-partum tummies after blogger's picture of her scars removed from Instagram

A mummy blogger has called on all women to embrace their postpartum figures, after her picture that showed her C-section scar was removed from the social media site

                            Mothers share pics of their post-partum tummies after blogger's picture of her scars removed from Instagram

A mummy blogger has called out all women to embrace their postpartum figures, after she was snubbed by Instagram, which banned one of her pictures that showed her C-section scar, as per reports.

London-based bestselling author Anna Whitehouse apparently shared the image with her 187,000 followers on her page 'Mother Pukka', but she claimed that the picture was swiftly removed by the social media site.

The enraged mother, who co-wrote the bestselling book, 'Parenting the S*** Out of Life,' said: "The photo I uploaded last night of my c-section scar (still in stories) broached guidelines here. I was fairly careful not to flash gusset. And post-operative scarring tissue isn't my idea of X-rated material but anyhow, to pay homage to my "line" as my daughter calls it, here's a safer photo of a mother high as a kite on oxytocin."

Her post, where she's talked about the alleged censorship, has had nearly 7,000 likes and has even encouraged fellow mothers to share their scar by using the hashtag #lineofduty. However, Whitehouse later wrote in her caption that her picture was deleted "by a third party - a bigger security issue we [her and Instagram] are working on together".

As per Instagram's guidelines, nudity is something that is not permitted, and it includes images of "sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks" and some photos of female nipples. However, photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding are actively allowed on the social media site.

Quite a lot of women came up to support the cause among which was a user called 'ThisScottishMummy', who posted a photo taken just four months after she gave birth. In the caption, she said: "Never in a zillion years did I think I would show this to the world, but I am angry that people could possibly take offense at something so amazing."

She continued, "This is a four-time C-section scar- you don't see all that many of those kicking about in your feed. And I am proud of it because it brought all four of my babies safely into this world. It may have a little pouch of wobbly skin and be puckered in places, but I think it's bloody fantastic so there you go. Get stuffed Instagram!!!"

Another mom, known as 'A Little Piece of Us', also wrote about Instagram's ignorance, and said, "So here's mine. It's huge, wonky and there's actually two running next to each other. It still tingles, has a beautiful floppy bit on top but it's warm and comforting for me. It's where my girls came from. One under general and one while awake. Both horrific, both I lost so much blood and both stuck on my body forever to remind me of how strong I am/we are. It's not pretty but its mine, part of my tapestry and I am growing tired of Instagram censoring things that are natural."

Ever since Whitehouse posted about the censorship on the social media site, her account Mother Pukka's post has been flooded with comments praising her for her bravery. Heidi Trask said: "As a c-section mama, I found that post really uplifting and empowering in celebrating how our amazing bodies give life to our children."