Mother abandons two young sons at cell phone shop claiming her husband kicked them out of home

Mother abandons two young sons at cell phone shop claiming her husband kicked them out of home

The authorities in Houston are looking for the mother of two children who was last seen on a surveillance video at a cellphone store abandoning the kids there. The shocking incident took place on October 24 at a Boost Mobile store on West Tidwell Road at approximately 11 am. Muhammad Naeem, the manager of the store, told KPRC that the mother, who was only identified as Ashley, walked into the store with her two sons, 6 and 4-years-old, looking for a place to take a break after the three of them had walked for about two miles. 

According to Naeem, the distraught mother told him that her husband has forced her and the children out of their apartment after which she went and lived with a neighbor for a brief period. She then told him that the neighbor also kicked them out in the middle of the night and that's when they walked two miles before reaching the store.


After the mother realized that she did not have a place to stay, she allegedly asked Naeem: "You want the children?" The shocked store manager promptly replied: "No." He said that it was at this point that Ashley started crying and praying in the store and the children had tears in their eyes as well. 

At one point when the mother and her children were in the store, one of the customer's there offered the children some snacks that included bananas, chips, and ice cream. In the meantime, Naeem called 911 and asked for Ashley to wait for the authorities. By the time the officers arrived 30 to 40 minutes later, however, the woman had left without taking her children. 

Ashley left the store after she left a bag behind which had her driver's license. The responding officers took the two children to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. A spokesperson there said that both of them appeared to be healthy, clean, and did not show any signs of abuse. KTRK reported that the department was able to find the boys' aunt who agreed to take them in on October 24 evening.

Former neighbors of Ashley's in Northwest Houston were absolutely shocked to find out about what happened and said that her fully furnished three-bedroom apartment was always kept clean. They also said that she was known to be a good parent. The authorities are looking for Ashley to find out what the motive for abandoning her sons is. It is still not clear if she will face any charges.

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 mother abandons sons at cell phone store and says husband kicked them out