Hazard High School: New viral clip shows boy in bra and shorts grinding on classmates

Hazard High School: New viral clip shows boy in bra and shorts grinding on classmates
Screenshots from the school events' videos (Twitter/ @@libsoftiktok)

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: More videos and pictures have resurfaced on the internet showing Hazard High School skits in the past four years. They did not just show students acting provocatively, but teachers were also seen enjoying, laughing, and sometimes taking part in it.

The latest footage and photos came to light after Hazard Independent Schools district announced on Wednesday, October 27, that it launched a probe into this year's homecoming celebration that saw a “Man Pageant” as well as students giving lap dances for principal Donald "Happy" Mobelini in underwear and bikinis. However, later it emerged that the probe resulted in an “appropriate disciplinary action,” as said by Superintendent Sondra Combs. Combs also claimed that students were responsible for the "homecoming festivities," and called the incident an isolated one.


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But the newly surfaced clips and images have cast doubt on Combs’ claim as one of the questionable videos available on Twitter was reportedly posted first on Instagram in October 2017 then reshared in January 2018. It showed a male student wearing a black bra and shorts along with a wig and grinding on two other male students who sat in chairs in the middle of the gym as another student threw what seemed like cash in the air.



The background and the logo of the gym appeared similar to the photos shared this week that led to the investigation. Another video in question going viral on the internet showed a male student donning a white dress and wig, and dancing to Madonna's ‘Like a Virgin,’ in the school gym. While rolling and crawling on the ground, the student then approached the school’s principal and rubbed his hands over his head and chest. The video's caption said the event happened in 2020 and as several people were seen wearing face masks it indicated that the incident happened amid the coronavirus pandemic.



No school district authorities or any parent have commented on the recently resurfaced videos, but Frank Newberry, a father with two kids within the district, said he was “horrified” after seeing earlier photos. Newberry stated: “My problem is not with the children — they're children, children do goofy things. My problem is the adults and their reaction to it. I expect kids to be kids. But, I expect the adults tasked with supervising them to show better judgment than that.”

Meanwhile, Kentucky Department of Education spokeswoman Toni Konz Tatman said the department has no say in district matters. “KDE was made aware about what took place in Hazard Independent Schools yesterday morning and reached out to the superintendent. She informed us yesterday that the incident is under investigation,” Tatman added.

However, Twitter was filled with reactions from people. A user commented, “In high school we had what was called "powderpuff" football in which the girls would play touch football and the actual players would dress as cheerleaders and cheer them on. Don't know if that's what this is. That school has bigger problems though.” Another one shared, “Man we did some dumb shit in the football locker room but out in front of the whole damn school is just weird.” “Pretty sure this is just a window into hell,” the third user added.






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