Student, 21, reveals she earns $1,700 a month by selling her used underwear online

A student from the New York University purchases the underwear in bulk from Target and then sells them at approximately $120 per pair.

                            Student, 21, reveals she earns $1,700 a month by selling her used underwear online
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A student revealed that she earned around $1,700 every month by selling her used underwear online in order to help get some additional income while she graduates from college. The 21-year-old purchases the underwear in bulk and sells them at around $120 per pair. 

She buys underwear at $37.87 from Target in bulk and the amount she charges for her underwear depends on how long she has worn them for. Her buyers can also get pictures of her wearing them for a higher price. The student who is from the New York University sells her underwear on Craigslist and started her business while she was working as a webcam girl, Glamour reported. The viewers used to bid on the underwear which she would wear on the show and she would then mail it to them. 

The student revealed, "To be honest, selling my underwear has made me feel really empowered because I'm in control of my body. It feels really awesome to be able to provide a healthy outlet for people with these fetishes. I never feel like I'm in danger."

She claims that the profit she makes of her "dirty-underwear business" is insanely high. After realizing that there was an online market for women selling their used underwear to people with fetishes, she decided to get in the game

She also offers up some additional services to her customers. "After one of my regular underwear clients opened up to me about his armpit fetish, I made an extra $500 bucks by allowing him to smell my armpit. We met up and I was pretty much fully clothed, and I just let him smell it for like 15 minutes," she revealed. 

Aside from selling her used underwear and allowing men to smell her armpits, the student also works as a waitress and also does some dog walking. She is able to bring a total of $40,000 a year.

This particular fetish, however, is not an uncommon one. In 2017, The Sun, spoke to a woman who made $60,000 selling her used knickers, hair and toenail clippings to men she nicknames her “pay pigs.” The woman was in debt to begin with and in 2016 she turned to the online fetish market. In return for her used underwear, socks and other intimate items used by her, her buyers end up funding her grocery shopping luxury holidays, household bills and even designer clothing.