Aespa 'Savage' records 500K copies sold, band to attend 2021 Asia Artist Awards

SM Entertainment’s rookies Aespa have new achievements added to their list as they become half-million sellers with their first album, ‘Savage’

                            Aespa 'Savage' records 500K copies sold, band to attend 2021 Asia Artist Awards
Aespa has recorded 500K sales in 15 days since release of their mini-album 'Savage' (@aespa_official/Twitter)

Aespa (stylized as aespa) has recorded amazing sales, charts, and views on YouTube over the last couple of weeks. The newest group under SM Entertainment that debuted in 2020, Aespa has also come out to become one of the Top 5 Best Selling groups from SM Entertainment in terms of their South Korean sales records over the past 21 years making them a breakthrough group for the label.

On October 21, Aespa was confirmed as the first group to attend the 2021 Asia Artist Award which is a year-end awards ceremony to felicitate noteworthy artists from the music industry as well as the entertainment industry in general. Aespa has been doing pretty great with their first album ‘Savage’ which has made them a half million-seller while also making the album the fifth best-selling SM Entertainment albums from their girl groups. The only other groups to record such sales for SM Entertainment were S.E.S who held the Top 4 positions for the label. With every new day, more is being accomplished by monster rookies Aespa who have come to be one of the most popular rookies of 2021.


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Half-million sellers in 15 days

As per the sales records for Aespa were to be considered, their first mini-album under a year of their debut with ‘Savage’ has recorded an unusual number of sales for a rookie group. The group recorded 500K pus sales within 15 days of the release of the album which is very noteworthy for a new girl group. The release from Aespa also broke a record for them as the group entered the US Billboard's main charts 'Billboard 200' and 'Artist 100' for the first time with highest ranks among K-pop girl groups.

Aespa also were added to 10 Billboard Charts while the group became the first fourth-gen K-pop girl group to hit Number 1 on Billboard's 'World Album Sales'. The song 'Savage' also took multiple wins at music shows for the group and Aespa continues to rule various charts. Aespa appeared on KBS' 'Music Bank' on October 22 and will also appear on SBS' 'Inkigayo' on October 24 to perform 'Savage'.


Aespa’s new records

On October 21, Aespa was ranked among the Top 20 Most Viewed Music Videos by K-Pop Artists of the day recording a total of 1,130,729 views in one day. The ‘Metaverse girl group' has also set multiple other records which are unbelievable for a rookie group. The music video for ‘Savage’ has surpassed 90,000 likes while the album has surpassed 20,000 likes on the domestic music platform, Melon.

The group has also reached new peaks on Spotify by recording 4.68 million monthly listeners while the title song of the same name from ‘Savage’ has surpassed over 30 million streams on Spotify. The other tracks on the album have surpassed 2 million streams on the platform.

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