'Modern Family' star Jeremy Maguire hopes Stella isn't the one who dies in upcoming season 10

Jeremy Maguire, the talented seven-year-old who brings Joe to life with a dash of sass and a whole lot of smarts on 'Modern Family', speaks to Meaww about the impending death

                            'Modern Family' star Jeremy Maguire hopes Stella isn't the one who dies in upcoming season 10

The final season of ABC's 'Modern Family' will kick off on Wednesday, September 26. The new season promises some closure regarding the storylines and character arcs, and it looks like it will do so by killing off one of the main characters. While the death of someone within the family will impact every Pritchett, Dunphy and Tucker, it is probably Joe, the youngest member, who will learn huge life lessons from it.

Jeremy Maguire, the talented seven-year-old actor who brings Joe to life with a dash of sass and a whole lot of smarts, speaks to Meaww about which member he hopes would not get killed off. He also chats about the endeavors he would like to see the youngest Pritchett engage in, and what it is really like to be a child actor on the sets of one of the most popular shows that focus on family. 

Here are excerpts from Meaww's interview with Jeremy:

I love you as Joe on ‘Modern Family.’ You have been playing this role for a long time now. What are some of your best memories from the sets?  

I loved when we were in Lake Tahoe last season [Season 9, Episode 1 'Lake Life']. We were on a really big houseboat. It was so beautiful. I also enjoy doing my stunt work like getting stuck in a tree and climbing a rock wall.   


What can you tell us about the upcoming season 10? Could you tease us with anything that is happening with Joe? 

Now that Manny (portrayed by Rico Rodriguez) is in college, Gloria and Joe are going to be hanging out more and more. I hear our family is going to have to deal with someone's death. I know it will make our family strong. I hope that it's not Stella.  

As the show moves forward, what are some of the storylines you want to see for Joe? 

I really want them to throw Joe a birthday party. I think it would be really neat to have a Modern Family international vacation.   

Your character gives Manny a tough time on the show. What is your relationship with Rico off-screen? 

In real life, I love Rico. I don't have a big brother, so, he takes the time to play and hang out with me. He helps me with acting tips and to learn to be a better actor. 


From parents to uncles, nephews, and nieces, you really do have a whole other family in your cast mates. Who is your favorite TV family member to spend time with?  

I enjoy spending time with all of them. I really like hanging out with Aubrey. It's fun having another kid to hang out with on set. We get to play games and tell each other funny stories. 

Do you get any advice from the adults of the show? Who is the best at giving out advice? 
My TV dad Ed helps me with my lines, my movement, and timing. He takes the time to explain the scene to me. That helps me a lot.  

You got the chance of working on a drama ‘I’m Not Here.’ What was that experience like? How was the movie set different from that of ‘Modern Family?’ 

It was fun working with a different cast of people. Sebastian, Maika, and JK were great to work with. Making a movie takes a lot longer than a TV show. I can't wait to do another movie. 

What are some of the genres and types of roles that you would like to explore? Are there any upcoming projects you would like to talk about? 
I would like to work on a dinosaur movie someday. That sounds so cool! I'm starting a YouTube channel Adventuring with Jeremy. I like to share my adventures with kids. So far, we have gone to Disneyworld and Hawaii along with toy reviews. 


I understand that you are a huge Potterhead. What house do you think you’d be sorted into? Which character do you relate to the most?  
Gryffindor! I feel close to Harry Potter. He is brave and courageous like me. I just had a Harry Potter themed birthday party. We had a Golden Snitch and Voldemort piñata. I started a wand collection. I have eight wands so far... I think I need more. 

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work? 
Swimming is my favorite! My sister and I spent most of the summer in our pool. It was neat when we went snorkeling in Hawaii. Right now, I love geography. Sofia gave me a globe for my birthday that tells me all about the world and different countries. It's amazing! I really want to travel all over the world.