'Modern Family' season 11 spoilers reveal the many ways a lovestruck Manny is trying to win his ex-girlfriend back

The synopsis of the season 11 premiere was leaked on Reddit a few days back and we are not saying we're concerned for Manny's ideas, but we are...

                            'Modern Family' season 11 spoilers reveal the many ways a lovestruck Manny is trying to win his ex-girlfriend back

ABC's hit sitcom 'Modern Family' has given us layers and shades of characters in such depths that an onion would cry at some of the nuanced portrayals the comedy showcases. And when talking about nuanced, there's no denying the arc and growth of one Manny Delgado (Rico Rodriguez)  - a man of refined taste who was pretty much coddled his parents until the point he went to college. But speaking of Manny's many tastes and coddling, the one shocker that season 10 gave us was his out of the blue proposal and the even more disheartening response he got. Turns out, the premiere for season 11 will focus on just that!

In a Reddit post made a week ago by user klutzysunshine, a short synopsis of the upcoming final season's first episode was leaked. According to the leaked synopsis, while Haley (Sarah Hyland) will focus on following all the parenting advice written in self-help baby care books, now that she has twins to raise, her parents don't quite agree with those methods; they believe their old school methods are better and that will cause the classic Dunphy backlash. But on the Pritchett and Delgado side of things, "Manny is set to direct Jay's dog bed commercial in the hopes of winning his ex-girlfriend back."


Now we get it! After getting dumped by your girlfriend on your birthday, after proposing to her in the middle of a talent show being hosted by your family, the embarrassment can be real and quite a lot to get over. But Manny... poor old Manny, must you be so naive to put yourself through even worse to win her back? We saw Manny getting down on one knee and proposing Sherry, only to have her run out of the room and later reply to his big question with an equally whopping "No!" And that was painful to watch because not only was his heart broken, but that was the last thing that Manny needed in front of his entire family watching. 

But then again, maybe in season 11, Manny's Manuel side kicks in. Maybe after finally being able to overcome his fear of bridges and meandering a while through adulthood has given Manny the same confidence that his suave, ear pin sporting, blonde crew cut rocking, 'make-out king' from season 9 exuded. And our man is not holding back. Granted directing your stepdad's dog bed commercial is not the best way to go when it comes to winning your girlfriend back, and for all we know, this will be a trope to repel his girlfriend further instead of impressing her for a second time - making for another disastrous run for Manny. But then again, he is a theater major and they have their own quirks and perks. So let's just hope Manny's got this handled in the season premiere to come!

'Modern Family' season 11 premieres on September 25 at 9 p.m, only on ABC.

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