#WeThriveInside: Moby and Julia Michaels share their tips on coping with anxiety and depression amid pandemic

The artists joined a long list of celebs who have been pointing people to valuable mental health resources in this online campaign

                            #WeThriveInside: Moby and Julia Michaels share their tips on coping with anxiety and depression amid pandemic
Moby and Julia Michaels (Getty Images)

Julia Michaels and Moby join The Child Mind Institute's #WeThriveInside campaign to share their advice on taking care of your mental health during a pandemic. #WeThriveInside is an initiative from the Child Mind Institute that features homemade, inspiring videos from celebrities every day where they share their personal struggles during the Covid-19 crisis. They also talk about what they are doing to cope, in addition to giving tips on how to keep yourself busy and stay strong during these trying times. Each video also includes information on how to connect with the Child Mind Institute and access comprehensive Covid-related resources.

The campaign was launched at the start of May to coincide with National Mental Health Awareness Month, in the hopes of helping individuals and families dealing with the unprecedented challenges being faced during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Dr Harold S Koplewicz, president of Child Mind Institute, states, "In these uncertain and uniquely stressful times, it is critical for families — and especially children — to know that they are not alone. #WeThriveInside not only offers support and encouragement, it points parents to critical, evidence-based resources that can help millions of families better navigate unprecedented challenges. Most of us are struggling, but we can help each other discover new ways not just to persevere, but to thrive and grow from this experience."


Speaking about her experience of coping with the lockdown, Michaels shared she has been coping with anxiety. She said, "This is like nothing I've ever lived through or seen before. I think the things that have been helping me a lot, I've been drawing a lot. I've been baking a lot. I've been watching movies. I've been reading. I encourage anyone that's watching this to try something new or to do the things that you love if you can."

Moby, who recently released his album 'All Visible Objects', took the time to speak about his struggles with depression, anxiety and addiction, in addition to discussing how times of uncertainty might make us reach out for immediate, short-term solaces. He said, "I wish I had more time to tell you about all of the specific things in my toolbox, but I will say that one thing that's incredibly helpful is looking at past trauma, at past crises or crisises, whatever the plural of crisis is, that we've all experienced and reminding ourselves that we got through it."

No stranger to personal struggles, Moby has steadily delved further and further into self-growth in recent years, sharing his own past struggles via memoirs and engaging in socially conscious projects and activism.


Michaels and Moby joined a wide range of celebrities including Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Andrew Garfield, Octavia Spencer, Misty Copeland, Kevin Love, Jameela Jamil, Lena Dunham, Mark Ronson, Jim Gaffigan, Zoey Deutch, Keith Powers, Missy Franklin, Nicole Scherzinger, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lindsey Stirling, Emma Chamberlain, Clark Gregg, Perrie Edwards, Barbara Corcoran, Manu Rios, Rick Springfield, Monica Seles, Storm Reid, Ginger Zee, Dr Ruth Westheimer, Marcus Scribner, Adam Grabowski, Alysia Reiner, Nessa Barrett and many more who hope to share their personal experiences in the hopes of expressing solidarity and inspiring others to find healthy ways to cope with the lockdown.

The videos will appear on the Child Mind Institute’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and ChildMind.org/WeThriveInside.

As everyone continues to try and cope with this unfamiliar new world, Child Mind has noticed children and families are struggling to cope with isolation, anxiety and fear. The crisis has had a significant impact on youth with mental health disorders, and the institute is hoping to make its resources more accessible to those most in need during these times. They provide information, insight and clinical care via telehealth services as well as resources and tools like daily tips on topics such as how to talk to kids about the pandemic, helping to alleviate anxiety and managing the challenges of homeschooling and quarantining. There are daily Facebook Live chats with child mental health professionals, telehealth services including cognitive-behavioral therapy, comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, parenting training, group treatment sessions, and much more.

#WeThriveInside encourages the public to get involved by liking and sharing all the videos that inspire them and taking advantage of the evidence-based resources that have been developed by the Child Mind Institute’s team of expert clinicians, available in English and Spanish. They also welcome donations via childmind.org/donate and will be matching online gift purchases up to $150,000 for the Covid-19 relief fund.

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