'All Visible Objects': Moby's latest album inspires you to care about the environment and fight Trump's agenda

The electronica-ambient album is a testament to Moby's skill as an artiste, even if it is extremely political in its themes

                            'All Visible Objects': Moby's latest album inspires you to care about the environment and fight Trump's agenda
Moby (Jonathan Nesvadba)

Moby is set to release his 17th studio album, ''All Visible Objects', a politically-charged release that sees the artiste combine his mastery of electronica with his more recent love for ambient music.

Right off the bat, the pumping beats and vocals tell you this is Moby stepping away from the softer and quieter music on his 2019 'Long Ambients 2' album and back into his genre-bending style from his earlier albums. Opener 'Morningside' lives up to its name because it feels like a wake-up call. And that is exactly what Moby wants with this album.

'All Visible Objects', after all, draws its name from a mission statement: "It's about ALL of us. The Indivisible Project's mission is to cultivate a grassroots movement of literally thousands of local IndiVISIBLE groups to elect progressive leaders, realize bold progressive policies, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda. These are ourOBJECTiveS."

Moby 'All Visible Objects' (Jared Dionne)

Moby isn't pulling any punches with this album. Serving as a vehicle to unite movements under the objective of community growth and global activism, this album is geared towards supporting several groups with each song on the album being a dedication to a cause or organization Moby is raising awareness for. 'Morningstar', thus, actually is a wake-up call to all of us to strive for healthier mornings and tomorrows, 'My One Love' is about Moby's love for animals, 'One Last Time' is for climate change, and 'Power Is Taken' is for civil rights.

The album's tracks are also punctuated with Moby's love for and dedication to environmental causes and veganism. Additionally, the album lends its support to The American Civil Liberties Union and its tireless efforts to defend individual rights and liberties, The Physicians Committee and its dedication to shifting how chronic illnesses are treated, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation and the anti-poaching rangers who risk their lives to protect wildlife and their natural habitat, and The Good Food Institute and its research into cleaner and healthier alternatives to the food we currently eat. And to add to these, Moby also makes his political leanings clear, proclaiming his support for Sandy Hook Promise and the League of Women Voters among many others.

Closing track 'All Visible Objects' really seals the deal on this album and, at nearly ten minutes in length, is an absolute standout. While the rest of the record is a call-to-action, pleading with its listeners to step up and make changes for the better, the final track on the album is a somber tune that drives home the gravity of the situation. Moby, using nothing but the instrumentals on this track, conveys how much these causes mean to him while also stating quite clearly the urgency of the matters he details over the course of this album through a slow build to a triumphant albeit bittersweet end.

Moby 'All Visible Objects' (Jonathan Nesvadba)

That Moby is a dedicated activist is no secret. So his choice to combine this aspect of who he is with the genre that brought him unprecedented success shouldn't be surprising. But what does make itself known with this release is Moby's remarkable ability to blend his electronica roots and his love for ambient music with thematic elements like environmentalism, animal welfare, women's rights, clean eating, and anti-Trump rhetoric, among many others. And he does so without needing to say a whole lot.

This album is no 'Play', but it is a testament to Moby's skill as a producer and musician as well as a declaration from an activist who wants nothing more than to see the world change.

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