Moab cops accused of being 'complicit' in Gabby Petitio murder after 'sickening' video

Moab cops accused of being 'complicit' in Gabby Petitio murder after 'sickening' video
Gabby Petito seen crying in bodycam footage while Brian Laundrie smiles at officers (Moab police)

After remains found at the Bridger Teton National Forest were confirmed to be that of Gabby Petito's, Twitter is furious at Moab police for failing the young vlogger, demanding cops who answered the domestic disturbance be dolled the ultimate punishment and fired from their service. Noticing how police failed to stop Petito's fiance and speculated killer Brian Laundrie's lies about not having his phone at the time, social media is accusing authorities of not doing the needful regarding the domestic dispute which could have potentially saved Petito's life.

The outrage against police, especially the Moab cops, in this case, comes after a video of the police department pulling Petito and Laundrie's white van in Utah went viral. Dating August 12, the bodycam footage sees Petito mid-breakdown, telling cops that she and Laundrie had been fighting all day, blaming the emotional reaction on her OCD-related-frustrated. The footage showed Laundrie smiling as he told police about their fight and how his locking Petito out of their van had prompted an attack from her on him. However, neither wanted to press charges and the police ended matters by getting the two separated for the night. 


Witness claims Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie argued 'aggressively' over phone

Gabby Petito: Bodycam footage shows her crying after fight with Brian Laundrie

Social media thinks this clearly wasn't enough. Ever since the video emerged in the wake of the investigation into the then-missing Petito, domestic violence experts have claimed that the young vlogger displayed "victim behavior" as she spoke to the cops in Utah. Twitter has also noted how at one point in the video Laundrie claims he doesn't have any devices on him, saying he was all by himself. And then moments later he pulls out his phone to give the cops his number. This comes off as a gross error on behalf of the police department, as social media claims they should have been able to pick up on Laundrie's potentially abusive nature right there. 

The internet isn't the only one criticizing police as murder victim Kylen Schulte, who was killed along with her wife as a double homicide in Utah, blamed Moab cops for their alleged failure. Further, internet sleuths also severely slammed how the cops seemed to bond with Laundrie over toxic women and their mannerisms. Internet sleuths have also since claimed that Petito's entire demeanor in the bodycam footage was that of a textbook abuse victim, while Laundrie looked like the abuser.

Furious how this escaped cops notice, social media is now demanding the sacking of them as well as the 911 dispatcher who did not give them the full picture. This refers to another newly emerged 911 call where a witness had reported an incident where a man was slapping a woman before they got into their white van - now confirmed to be the same dispute between Petito and Laundrie that had been initially reported to Moab cops. How the police could ignore such a crucial background or why they would stop at just separating the two if they knew the abuse that had allegedly happened, beats the Internet. 

Gabby Petito (@gabbypetito/Instagram)

Taking it to Twitter, one user wrote: "The 911 operator needs to be fired and the cops!! Misogyny at its finest!! Good for the caller to report it. So sad for Gabby! You can tell in the cop bodycam she was a textbook abuse victim and he was the abuser!!" Another chimed in: "Watched the traffic stop if Gabby and Brian, I thought police were suppose to serve and protect. If those cops didn’t know he was lying, it is obvious to a child. They need fucking fired. Should have taken her to station and made her call home. Their fault she is dead." One even asked, "wait a minute hold on how did the Moab police not catch this brian said he doesn’t have his phone on him but when asked for his phone number he pulls it out?? #BrianLaundrie."

Others claimed, "For what it's worth, the two cops allowed Brian Laundrie to drive away after he was seen striking a crying Gabby should be fired and arrested for gross negligence." Another added: "You know Moab PD is completely responsible for Gabby's death, right? If only police were actually Constitutionally responsible to protect - and that bodycam video from August would be their indictment. What an incredible failure to recognize DV & protect." And some were of the grave opinion that, "Moab, Utah police officers ignored the 911 caller's call witnessing the creepy boyfriend's physical assault on Gabby Petito. As such, the officers who arrived at the assault scene should be arrested for aiding and abetting the creepy BF's physical batter a criminal act."

Accusing the police of being 'complicit', one user pointed out: The police on the body cam not only laughed with #BrianLaudrie & told him how their wives went crazy sometimes too- then one said my wife had to get on medication to not be so aggressive ..they referred to him as THE VICTIM !! COULD THEY NOT CHECK THE 911 tape to see HE HIT HER". Another alleged, "The Police didn't want to feel complicit in Gabby's disappearance, so they released a video that didn't give the full details of the 911 call ! Instead the police released a video that made Gabby appear to be the abuser."












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