Mnet’s 'Kingdom' Episode 2: Air time, how to live stream, lineup featuring Stray Kids, Ateez, The Boyz and iKon

In the episode preview, the groups are seen shocked seeing each other's performances

                            Mnet’s 'Kingdom' Episode 2: Air time, how to live stream, lineup featuring Stray Kids, Ateez, The Boyz and iKon
Stray Kids teases the stage while Ateez's Seonghwa makes a quirky remark (Mnet YouTube)

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' will be back next week with Episode 2 which will reveal the much-anticipated winner of Episode 1. Episode 2 will also feature various groups rendering a song to their own imagination and giving it a touch of their signature choreography. The Mnet's competition including K-pop superstar groups Ateez, Stray Kids, The Boyz, SF9, BTOB and iKon has only started but managed to grab over a million viewers only with the premiering episode.

In the first episode of 'Kingdom: Legendary War', the six K-pop groups participated in 100-second performance stages and showed various techniques. Stray Kids performed their hit track 'Miroh' while Ateez put on a show with 'WAVE: Overture'. 'Road to Kingdom' winner The Boyz chose to do an iconic stage of 'The Stealer' and iKon performed on '리듬 타 (RHYTHM TA)'. BTOB flaunted their vocals with  'Beautiful Pain' 아름답고도 아프구나 and SF9 performed 'Good Guy The Glory.'


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Date and Time

The second episode of 'Kingdom: Legendary War' aired on April 8, 7.50 pm KST.

How to live stream/ Where to Watch

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' Episode 2 will be in Viki with English subtitles after the show ends. check out the first episode here. Mnet's YouTube channel Mnet K-POP will also have clips of the performance stages and previews of the next episode. Click here to subscribe.








Check the latest episode of 'Kingdom' here.


Episode 2 will have all the six groups participating in never-seen-before stages of performances. Prior to that, here's the 100-second stages of episode one.


Ateez put on a show with their 2019 hit track 'WAVE: Overture'.


Stray Kids

Stray Kids performed their 2019 legendary track 'MIROH', the official MV of which has crossed 117 million views.


The Boyz

'Kingdom's prequel 'Road To Kingdom' winner The Boyz performed their 2020 track 'The Stealer'.



BTOB chose to do a more vocal-based performance with their 'Beautiful Pain' released in 2018 from the album 'Hour Moment.'



iKon chose to perform the 2015 track 'RHYTHM TA' from the album 'Welcome Back'.



SF9 came with a suited look and gifted fans a stellar performance of 'Good Guy The Glory'.


Preview of Episode 2

In the next episode preview, the groups are seen shocked seeing each other's performances. The episode will also reveal the winner of first round and SF9's Inseong is heard saying “It’s impossible to rank one of these performances over another.” In the preview clip, Ateez's Seonghwa chuckles with a quirky remark saying, “This performance (seems so good), we should be paying to watch it.”

Catch the preview here:



Anticipation for the next episode has already begun as several fan groups started talking about what to expect. A fan said, "Mark my words, Jung Chanwoo of iKON gonna be trending on naver and this bird apps next week [EP 2 Kingdom: Legendary War]," another fan commented, "SF9 could change the choreo like what they did in Good Guy by changing the capes into ribbons,batons (?), waiting for Ep 2 to see what storyline they will add!"

A viewer posted, "I can’t get enough of KINGDOM! Let ep 2 come faster plsss!"




The second episode of 'Kingdom: Legendary War' premiered on April 8, 7.50 pm KST.

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