Missing four-month-old Ohio baby found dead at the bottom of 30-feet deep well, parents arrested

Missing four-month-old Ohio baby found dead at the bottom of 30-feet deep well, parents arrested

A four-month-old Ohio baby who was reported missing back in May this year was found dead on Wednesday.

The little boy's body was found at the bottom of a 30-foot well in Otway and his parents have now been arrested.

The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office announced on Wednesday that the baby boy, Dylan Groves, is believed to have died in March.

The child's parents—Jessica, 39, and Daniel Groves, 41—are now facing multiple charges of abduction, kidnapping, and interference of custody.

Dylan's mother Jessica Groves has been arrested for kidnapping the baby. Source: Facebook

The authorities have revealed that the short life that Dylan lived was troubled.

He had been found with traces of drugs in his system at birth and was put into the custody of children’s services.

Once Daniel had managed to complete the requirements to regain custody, Dylan was sent back into his father's custody.


Soon after, Daniel ended up allegedly missing several court dates, home visits, and even doctor's appointments, People magazine reports. 

Finally, after several failed attempts at being able to locate both Dynal and Daniel, on May 3, the boy’s caseworker reached out to authorities for help.

Three weeks later, the authorities were finally able to locate Daniel and Jessica near their home.

When approached by the deputies, the couple allegedly ran into the woods and weren't arrested.

On June 1, the deputies executed a search warrant for the father's home and took the mother into custody without incident.

Daniel, however, managed to barricade himself inside the home, which led to a six-hour standoff before police were able to arrest him.

The baby's father Daniel Groves has been arrested for kidnapping and is now being held without bond. Source: Facebook

Thorough investigation led the authorities to believe that Dylan had been dead since late March.

A search of the couple's home led to police finding stolen items up to the value of $42,000 including two four-wheelers, a TV, two trailers, a riding lawnmower and more.

It is still unclear how Dylan died, and his parents haven't been charged in connection with the baby's death.

The mother is being held on a $100,000 bond while the father is being held without bond.

It is unclear whether the couple has attorneys. Meanwhile, the baby's body has been transported to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office for an autopsy.

A vigil was held for Dylan after his body was found.

His foster mother Andrea Bowling, who took care of him for 12 days, told WSAZ that she wants justice for his death. She described the boy as 'precious' and 'adorable'.


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