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'Miss Montecristo' Full Cast List: Meet Lee So-yeon, Choi Yeo-jin and the rest of the cast of the Korean revenge drama

A suspenseful revenge drama about a woman whose life was destroyed by the friends she trusted most, 'Miss Montecristo' is set to be exciting
Lee So-yeon and Choi Yeo-jin 'Miss Montecristo' (KBS)
Lee So-yeon and Choi Yeo-jin 'Miss Montecristo' (KBS)

One of the best tales of revenge is no doubt 'The Count of Monte Cristo', written by French writer Alexandre Dumas in the 19th century. The book has been adapted countless times, and now, it is receiving the K-drama treatment. The upcoming Korean drama, 'Miss Montecristo' is a gender-flipped, modern retelling of the classic French novel and stars some of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry.

The synopsis for the drama states, "A suspenseful revenge drama about a woman whose life was destroyed by the friends she trusted most. After making up her mind to take revenge on those who betrayed her, she returns to reclaim the life that was stolen from her."

Read on to know more about the cast members of 'Miss Montecristo' and the characters they will play.

Lee So-yeon

Lee So-yeon in 'Miss Montecristo' (KBS)

Lee So-yeon is a South Korean actress best known for her roles in 'Blessing of the Sea', 'Man Who Dies to Live', and 'Beautiful You'.

Lee So-Yeon is said to portray the character of the tragic leading lady Gong Eun-jo, a promising fashion designer who dreams of creating "joyful" clothing like her late father. She seems to be living a life full of contentment. However, just as she begins to achieve success in her line of work as well as starting to build a beautiful love life, Gong Eun-jo's almost perfect life crumbles in a blink of an eye when her friends she trusts, end up betraying her.

Choi Yeo-jin

Choi Yeo-jin in 'Miss Montecristo' (KBS)

Choi Yeo-jin is a Canadian-South Korean actress best known for her roles in 'My Holo Love', 'Lovely Horribly' and 'Emergency Couple'.

Choi Yeo-Jin will be taking the role of Oh Ha-ra, a woman with a wealthy background who is a chaebol heiress and a socialite. She will become Gong Eun-jo's rival. Her family background may not be normal as she is born from a chaebol's mistress, which caused her to have an inferiority complex. She is arrogant and known for being a troublemaker within her social circle.

The kindhearted Gong Eun-jo is the only friend that Oh Ha-ra trusts very much and she opens up her true feelings to Gong Eun-jo. Unfortunately, their friendship falls apart when they get involved in a love triangle with a man.

Kyung Sung-hwan

Kyung Sung-hwan is a South Korean actor known for his roles in 'The Russian Novel', 'Familyhood', and 'My Friend's Older Sister'. He plays the role of Cha Seon-hyuk, the love interest of Gong Eun-jo. 

Lee Sang-bo

Lee Sang-bo is a South Korean actor known for his roles in 'Rugal' and 'Private Lives'. He plays the role of Oh Ha-joon, who is Oh Ha-ra's half-brother.

'Miss Montecristo' also stars Oh Mi-hee as Hwang Ji-na, Lee Da-hae as Joo Se-rin, Lee Hye-ran as Cha Bo-mi, Lee Mi-young as Yoon Cho-shim, Sunwoo Yong-nyeo as Han Young-ae, Kim Hyun-joon, Park Chan-hwan, Kim Na-woon, Lee Bo-hyun.

The trailer for 'Miss Montecristo' can be seen here.

'Miss Montecristo' will premiere on KBS2 on Monday on February 15. The show will consist of 100 episodes, 30-minutes each, and will air Monday to Friday.