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Mayhem in Minneapolis: Shocking video shows police horses attacked during massive fight outside bar

The video further showed a group of men kicking a man and women yelling, punching and pushing each other
UPDATED OCT 17, 2022
A police horse was assualted outside a gay bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota (@RebsBrannon/Twitter)
A police horse was assualted outside a gay bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota (@RebsBrannon/Twitter)

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA: A shocking video shows assaults and fights with a man being attacked in the street of Minneapolis. The incident, that took place outside The Gay 90s on Saturday night, October 15, also showed a police horse being assualted and the officers yelling, “Don’t touch my horse.” 

According to DailyMail, the video, posted on Twitter by Rebecca Brannon, showed women twerking on top of cars and yelling at a police horse as an officer tried to end a fight between the women. The cops can be heard saying to “get out, keep moving” after the fight broke out in front of the bar, but the group continued to disobey, and started yelling at the police officers on horseback. One of the women appears to be stroking the officer’s horse, to which he yells, “Don’t touch my horse.” And the woman shouts back, “F*** your horse b****.”


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The video further showed a group of men kicking a man, who tried to get up, but is then kicked in the head by one of his attackers. He was then seen trying to hide in the video, which shows EMS crews carrying an assault victim on a stretcher and lifting him into an ambulance. Other clips showed women yelling, pushing and punching each other outside the bar before the police showed up.

Narrating and recording the video, Brannon wrote, It’s been some time since I went downtown at night given the crime and shootings. Saw a lot more chaos than I expected especially given how cold it was. Witnessed many cars running red lights and 'street racers' I couldn’t keep up with - and cars blocking traffic." "Police were scarce. Situations felt volatile in which I tried to keep my distance especially at fight break up in a bar parking lot. It was also completely chaotic outside the Gay 90s; there have been multiple shootings near there in the last few months alone," she added and further said, "One night in Minneapolis. Assaults and fights, cars blocking traffic, street racing - and this was just a fraction of what I saw and was able to capture in passing last night."


This comes after CNN reported 93 people were shot in the city last year and in 1995 when the city was nicknamed Murderapolis. It now ranks 19th out of 70 jurisdictions in homicides per capita this year, DailyMail reports.