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'Ozempic queen': Internet skeptical as Mindy Kaling credits dramatic weight loss to running and hiking

Mindy Kaling revealed she is committed to achieving a slimmed-down physique by eating clean and exercising
UPDATED MAY 11, 2023
Mindy Kaling revealed she runs or hikes 20 miles every week for a slim body
Mindy Kaling revealed she runs or hikes 20 miles every week for a slim body (Instagram/@mindykaling)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Mindy Kaling's slim physique has been making headlines. However, the actress finally revealed the secret behind her dramatic weight loss as she launched her new swimwear line. Mindy recently turned the temperature high in a fabulous yellow one-piece as she debuted a collaboration with the swimwear company Andie.

Additionally, the Netflix hit series 'Never Have I Ever' creator gave an insight into her fitness routine and shared the reason why she is prioritizing her health more than before. Mindy detailed her impressive exercise goals in the latest interview but the social media users still accused her of using Ozempic.


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Mindy Kaling details her workout routine

Mindy recently spills details on her weight loss transformation. The actress, writer, and producer revealed the one thing that she has learned about working out. Mindy shared in an interview with People, "It's that I always feel happy and joyful after I do it. In my 20s, I had this very certain idea of what 'being fit' really meant." However, as someone who loves going out to eat and trying new foods, Mindy revealed that she has also been eating in moderation in order to maintain the results of her workouts. Mindy added, "You had to run a seven-minute mile and eat this amount of carbs and proteins. It took me a long time to realize that there are lots of different ways to be fit." Mindy further noted that the secret behind her dramatic weight loss transformation is her love for running and hiking, doing 20 miles of either each week. She also focuses on weightlifting with her trainer. Additionally, 'The Office' alum further got candid on the frequent comments about how she looks following her weight loss transformation. Mindy said, "I know people are really interested in the changes in my body, and I think it's flattering but sometimes it's just a little much, so I try not to tune into it." Mindy further confessed that it can be challenging, especially when it comes to juggling her busy schedule and caring for her kids Katherine 'Kit' Swatison and Spencer Avu.

'This dramatic weight loss isn't achieved with diet and exercise'

Mindy recently opened up on her drastic weight loss transformation but social media thinks Mindy accused her for using Ozempic to get into her ideal physique. An Instagram user commented, "Idc if she is on Ozempic or not, which she is lol but what’s disingenuous is lying about how you lost the weight and ppl thinking the will get same results as you just by 'exercising'. Another critic said, "I think no one really cares if she's used Ozempic, but to tell everyone it's just walking and portion control is just disingenuous and will make others feel bad that they can't achieve her transformation. She'd be a great spokesperson for Oz tbh! "'I run 20 miles a week' hilarious. It’s also called Ozempic. She seriously lost all the cred. All these celebs try to sell this 'work out & drink water & eat clean' idea, while all of them use Ozempic," said another user. Another follower noted, "Ozempic n maybe gastric sleeve .. either way this dramatic weight loss isn’t achieved with just diet n exercise." Another social media user wrote, "Why the lies?? Ozempic queen."

Mindy Kaling launches new swimwear collection

Mindy recently launched her first-ever swimwear collection in collaboration with Andie. Notably, the collection was designed to cater to all body types, with sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL. Mindy worked closely with the brand to ensure the collection is stylish, comfortable and fits across every body type. However, in the interview, Mindy shared that the swimwear pieces make her feel 'young and carefree' and that many women, including moms, can feel good as well.' She further noted, "I am curvy and I have big thighs, and the collection is great for my body type. And I think a lot of women will like it for themselves as well." Mindy'scollection with Andie Swim features 33 stunning swimwear.


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