When will 'Family Guy' Season 19 return? Baseball takes up show's slot, fans ask 'what, no Halloween episode?'

When will 'Family Guy' Season 19 return? Baseball takes up show's slot, fans ask 'what, no Halloween episode?'

'Family Guy' has been airing a while now and has become a comedic routine for most of its fans every week. The series, now in its 19th season has brought all the laughs from its' talking baby to its talking dog. Last week's episode titled 'Boys & Squirrels' saw Stewie Griffin (Seth MacFarlane) and Chris Griffin (Seth Green), Peter Griffin's sons (Seth MacFarlane) care for a baby squirrel, that ended up being eaten by Brian Griffin (Seth MacFarlane), the family's human-like dog.

The episode might have confused fans as it saw Chris and Stewie fight over who's fault it was that thee squirrel was killed when it was clearly Brian's. Since then, fans have been waiting to watch the ever-popular cutaway gag in what would have been this week's episode. The Season 19 Episode 4 'CutawayLand', unfortunately, has been pushed to the first of November, which has now been marked the date that the series will return.

The synopsis of the episode reads, "Peter and Lois accidentally set up a cutaway gag together, which somehow transports them into the cutaway itself." If you're a fan of the show, the cutaway gags it produces shouldn't be surprised. If you don't know what that is, it is simply an element used in comedies where a character in the show says something and it immediately cuts to the scene that the character was speaking about. It's usually random, and quite popular on 'Family Guy' and has nothing to do with the main plotline. Fans couldn't wait to tune in, only to be bummed by a tweet from the official 'Family Guy' Twitter account claiming that they are gonna have to sit this one out. According to the show's page, the animated comedy series will only return on November 1st. 

The tweet read, "Swing and a miss! [baseball emoji] no new #FamilyGuy tonight — we'll be back November 1," referring to the baseball game that is currently airing during the show's time slot. The account also re-tweeted a tweet from the Animation Domination's offical twitter that read, "Guys, the game is on and we gotta sit this one out. ANIDOM will be back with new episodes on November 1!."





So, there we have it, the series will air back at the start of next month, although, fans are not happy about it. Most importantly, people were really upset that the series won't air an episode for Halloween. "What?! No Halloween episode?! Noooo!!!," wrote one user. Another replied, "I am going to f**king cry f*ck baseball Family Guy is more important." The episode 'CutawayLand' will not be available on Hulu until after the episode airs either, frustrating even more fans since they waited a while for Season 19 to debut in the first place.





Another frustrated user tweeted, "Announcing this 8 hours before when they have been advertising the new treehouse of horror? Leave animation domination alone!!! Stop screwing with it every year for sports when there are so many outlets to air both. I just want halloween specials this year has sucked enough!"



'Family Guy' Season 19 airs on Sundays at 9.30 pm ET/ 8.30 pm CT on FOX.

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