Million Maskless March: Florida to host mask-burning event on April 10, Internet wants state quarantined

Organizers stress on attendees bringing signs such as 'MASKS ARE SLAVERY,' 'NO MORE MASKS,' 'MASKS OFF CHILDREN,' and 'NO VACCINE PASSPORTS'

                            Million Maskless March: Florida to host mask-burning event on April 10, Internet wants state quarantined
Florida will hold a 'mask burning' event to protest masks and vaccinations (Getty Images)

A group known as the Reopen South Florida is organizing a "mask burning" event and a march through Fort Lauderdale to protest masks and vaccinations as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise. The event is also being organized by another group known as UnMasking America and the Libertarian Party of Broward. The event is to be held in April.

The lead organizer of the rally, Chris Nelson, posted a message on the Free Florida message board, writing, "You are invited to the Million Maskless March and Mask Burning, Saturday April 10, 2021 at 3pm at the Corner of A1A and Las Olas in Ft Lauderdale! April 10 marks one year of mask tyranny in Broward County and we will mark that date with a celebration of freedom! It will feature recognition and prizes for those who have faithfully endured this last year, addresses from local leaders and activists and most importantly (and fun) a mask burning!"


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The message continues, "The mask burning is in full cooperation with local law enforcement and will be done in a safe and controlled manner. Following the mask burning we will March north on A1A, make a sharp left at Seabreeze and march back to where we began. The event will be over by 5pm." Nelson also writes that "April is a very busy time" for Fort Lauderdale Beach and "this is exactly why this location was chosen," writing, "Jesus said we should not hide our light, but show it to the whole world. Our goal is for people to see us and be inspired to join in!"

Along with instructions and an attached map as to where those who will attend can park, Nelson also states that free bottled water and snacks will be provided. Nelson stresses on attendees bringing signs "with three to six BIG BOLD WORDS" and cites examples such as "MASKS ARE SLAVERY," "NO MORE MASKS," "MASKS OFF CHILDREN," and "NO VACCINE PASSPORTS". Nelson states that "Broward County Government is pushing the experimental vaccine hard so signs against forced vaccinations are also encouraged."

Responses to Nelson's posts include, "These types of events need to be planned all over FL. Mask burnings in FL. Tampa Bay area should be next." One poster responded with a picture of the fraudulent mask exemption card writing, "I got a few of these babies to be handing out to freedom loving patriots. Find me, I'll be walking around without a mask and a T-shirt to highlight the fact as I do everyday everywhere. We are all mask exempt!"

The group had previously held a rally in October 2020 in Delray Beach, with Nelson telling WPTV, "What we're seeing right now is a dangerous precedent. If they can tell me that I cannot buy or sell anything without a mask on, they can tell me that I can't buy or sell without proof of a vaccine, that I took a vaccine, and it could go on and on."

Harlyn Thompson from Battleground, Washington joins others at a Patriot Prayer and Peoples Rights Washington rally protesting the Washington state mask mandate outside the Clark County Sheriff's Office on June 26, 2020, in Vancouver, Washington (Getty Images)

Many took to social media to respond to the event, with one writing, "I think it's time for a serious discussion about quarantining the entire state of Florida. No one goes in and no one comes out for 30 days." A user tweeted, "Has there ever been a public burning of ANYTHING that people look back on like, “Oh that was a good thing to burn”?"



A user opined, "We are now finding out that DeSantis is lying about Pandemic numbers. Someone responsible needs to stand up and start stopping this madness. I WANT TO END PANDEMIC. This is starting to feel like biological warfare is being used against us." Another wrote, "Why does it always have to be my state? It's so embarrassing." One user tweeted, "At this point, I’m just hoping Darwinism kicks in. Some species are just too stupid to continue along the evolutionary ladder. Can we consider Floridians the modern equivalent of Australopithecus?"




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